Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updated Preparing

If you go Here you will read what I have set aside for Christmas for my kids so far.  In addition, my boss was cleaning out his house and brought me in a big bag of stuffed animals today.  I will be honest and say that I don't particularly like stuffed animals very much.  They end up all over the house and somehow they reproduce quite quickly  ;)  hahaha   They also aren't very functional.

But I said thank you and looked to see what was inside.  I was pretty excited when I saw the following mixed in the bag:
It's a bird.  It's a plane.  Oh wait, it is....
(Not a very good picture, I know.)

He loves Mater from Cars and with all the numerous ads on tv, online and everywhere we turn, he is getting more and more excited about Mater.  So these two bad boys will be cleaned up and set aside for him for Christmas!  :)  Total cost: FREE!!! 

So my total for Christmas as of right now is $11.19.  Pretty good if you ask me.  Let's see what else I can score by the time Christmas rolls around.  Stay tuned for additional finds.


  1. You are doing awesome so far!!! Congrats on all of your winnings! I had no idea that castle was worth so much, totally cool :)!! I have started a little bit of preparing for Christmas, but only through Disney Movie Rewards. I had a ton of points saved up and scored a free Mickey scooter and Pluto pillow pet for Ivan! Its a good start in my book!

  2. YAY! you are doing awesome girly.

  3. Hi Sassy! Loved your comment on the Pampers giveaway. I have never done the memory game you mentioned but it sounded like so much fun I plan on incorporating it into my friend's future baby showers!

    Also, I'm sure your boys will love Mater! My ten yr old loves him!

  4. awww thanks, Ms. Latina. I have so many fun ideas for a baby shower. The Memory game is so fun. Email me and I can help give you more ideas if you would like.