Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today's Yummy Leftover Joy

It's lunchtime around these parts!

On my continued quest to save money, here I sit with a yummy, tasty lunch. Yes, I could have ordered take-out, fast food, ate out at a restaurant close to work.

I could have battled traffic, dealt with servers, wasted gas, partaken in a number of options for food. I could have done a lot of things resulting in spending a good chunk of change.

However, here I sit at working eating delicious food that I made last night.

I made this amazing garlic parmesan chicken, accompanied by beans and rice, mac and cheese and green beans! Are your mouths watering yet?

Surprisingly it all tastes better today than I remember last night. Mmmmm

Know the best part? The chicken was on sale for only 89 cents a pound at Food 4 Less. Woot woot!

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