Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I need your help everyone.  Please head over to this website and vote for my story.  It is story #2:

Story #2 S Lang

My kids and I went on a trip after so much hassle to get a rental car. We were finally on the road and had been driving for what seemed like to my kids FOREVER. We went on the turnoff and drove a while toward our destination. Then I hit a deer! In my rental car!!!! Only the deer didn’t die, it started bucking at the car after we hit it. My kids were screaming. I was frazzled and in shock. I threw some items out the window toward the trees and the deer got spoofed I guess. I dialed to get ahold of the rental car company and lo and behold, there was no service out there on my phone. It was getting pretty dark and I didn’t know what to do! So I grabbed the kids out of the car and put the hazard lights on. We walked a mile back and there was some old guy at the gas station who said he would check it out. I talked to the rental car agent and they asked me to take pictures of the car and email them immediately. The guy looked at the car and said that it would work just fine. So off we went to continue our adventure. When we finally got to our destination, our family couldn’t believe what had happened. We got to bed, woke up and my son threw up all over me. It turned out that he came down with a pretty bad bug and was sick all weekend. L The day we were heading back home, my daughter somehow managed to get the same thing and without me knowing. While we were driving, she threw up all over in the back seat. L Remember, this was a rental car. I couldn’t pull over fast enough. So disgusted and frustrated, I started crying. My daughter started crying thinking I was mad at her. I cleaned the back seat as best I could and gave her a bag to throw up in if she needed it on the way back. Next thing I know, I had to pull over to throw up. Let’s just say the entire ride home was a horrible scene between her and I throwing up.

All you have to do is write something like:  I vote for story #2  because it is funny/sad/scary etc.  I would really appreciate all your help.  You can only vote once.  Please spread the word.  I really want to win this so I can win the prize for my daughter.  Please!?!?!?  I will love you forever and ever  ;)

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