Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Preparing and Wrapping Up :)

So today I was looking around on Amazon and stumbled on a little deal they have going on.  They are giving a $30 gift card if you sign up for their credit card.  Yes, I know that credit cards can be bad for some people.  However, for me I think it will be okay.  I am responsible with my purchasing and pay it off in full every month as to not incur interest.  I decided to sign up for one.  And it got my mind thinking. 

I also had a gift card for $20.00 to Amazon that I won on a blog giveaway, in addition to one for $10.00.  So $60.00 in total for free.   Here is what I purchased for my kids:
  • Hook the movie.  My kids saw this last weekend and have been begging to watch it ever since.  This morning Jack informed me that he was going to ask Santa for it because he really liked it.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVDs with all 4 movies.  Jack really likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I know that he will love it, because he also informed us in the car this morning that he was going to ask for that.  (I tell my kids they get to ask Santa for two items.)
  • Taylor Swift's Fearless CD for Bug.  She really loves Taylor Swift's music and I know she will love this.  In addition, I purchased the other two CD's by Taylor Swift, Her Self Titled Album and Speak Now.
  • Cheaper By the Dozen 2 was purchased.  Both kids love this movie.  And I will just grab the first one from Walmart for like $5.00, unless I win something online. 
            Subtotal of Items: $61.38

            Shipping & Handling: $7.93
            Super Saver Discount: -$7.93
            Promotion Applied: -$0.00
            Total: $61.38
            Gift Cards: -$60.00
                              Total for this Order (out of pocket): $1.38

I also won a $50 gift card for Toys R Us on a blog a little while back. I decided to purchase my son a toy laptop in hopes that he will LEAVE MINE ALONE!  ;)  I know he will also really like it.  So this is what I found.  If you look it is only about $30.00.  I thought long and hard and calculated something else I could get until I checked out and realized they wanted almost $13 just for shipping that one item, as the item is discontinued and they won't allow shipping to the store for free shipping.   I decided I wanted to get it that bad, so I continued and purchased it.  I have about $7.00 left for Toys R Us, but I am not sure what I can get for that. 

My previous tally was $8.19 total for Christmas spent.
So as of right now, a grand total of $9.57 out of pocket!!!

I kind of think I am about done with Christmas shopping for my kids, unless they change their minds on what they want for Christmas. 

Knowing my luck, I could totally see them changing their minds. hahaha  Oh the joy of kids!  

I am pretty dang proud of myself though.  It is only July and I am pretty much done with their shopping.


  1. That's amazing! I need to really start looking for giveaways for amazon cards. Where do you find these? Oh and you probably already have but have you heard about swagbucks? You can use it search for things and then collect points for amazon, target and starbucks giftcards. It takes a minute usually, but last summer I was pretty good with them.

  2. @Serendipity, I do have swagbucks. The problem is that it takes 10-14 days to receive a gift card when you cash out. I wasn't aware of that until now. I cashed out for a $5 gift card on Amazon so I could also purchase the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, and the message says allow 10-14 days. So I took it out of my cart. I check out various sites to find the giveaways. I honestly spend a good amount of time entering giveaways. I suggest going to GIveawayscout.com, in addition to following bloggers who feature giveaways.

  3. Also, I blog about some of the giveaways I find, so make sure you check back her periodically and enter the ones you are interested in.