Monday, July 16, 2012

The Choice

As I walk into stores lately, I am reminded that back-to-school season is upon us yet again.  It is crazy how fast the merchandise creeps in the stores.  Seeing all the clothing placed ever so brilliantly at eye level, I can't help but notice the plethora of colors and designs.  Instantly I start to get excited to look around.  Upon looking closely I am reminded how expensive new clothes are!  hahaha  When you are an avid bargain shopper like myself, seeing standard retail prices sure can shock you back into reality. 

A couple weekends ago Epic was having their sale at 50 percent off everything in the store.  I scored some amazing, name brand clothing for my kids.  $2 - $2.50 for nice sun dresses for my daughter, $2.50 for a Vans hoodie, and numerous other finds.  Some items looked like they had never been touched.  In fact I scored some with tags still attached from Children's Place.  Imagine seeing a tag telling you $10.00 for a shirt and you walk away only paying $1.00! Who can beat that?

Just a plain ol' hoodie at a standard store runs about $20-$25.00 (obviously not name brand or anything like that).   I cannot imagine paying retail prices after having such great success at thrift stores like Epic.  I love how I have a choice where and how to spend my money when it comes to shopping for my kids' back-to-school clothing.  I obviously am able to get a lot more clothes this way than if I was purchasing them at places such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy or any other store. 

When you are only paying $1.00- $2.50 for an item and they are really cute, you are able to score them all and not feel guilty.  I remember growing up when I was young, we had a family we were friends with and they purchased their clothes at thrift stores.  I hate to admit it but you could definitely tell that their clothes were all worn and used prior to their possession.  I was not a snob by all means!  But I remember my dad taking me to the store once just to look and I was mortified at what was in there.  Faded, worn clothing that I wouldn't have left the house in.  I think I had to be about 9 years old. 

When I was about 14-15 my friends and I wanted our own style and started hitting up thrift stores with GREAT success.  Suddenly I was onto something.  My first job just happened to be at a thrift store.  Who could beat getting a 25 percent discount?  I remember girls in class asking me all the time where I got my clothes cause they loved my pants and whatnot.  I remember one of them spending money on designer pants at the mall and they were over $100 for ONE pair.  Imagine me thinking how insane she was since I had only spent $3.75 for each of my pairs of pants.  (They were $5.00 each plus my discount.)  The funniest part is she liked my pants so much more than hers.  I never told her where I got them either.  hahahah  I was way too ashamed to admit that after she was spending so much on clothing at the malls.

Thrift stores have come such a long way since then.  I honestly love them!  This back-to-school season please remember that you have a choice where to spend your money.  My kids are not ashamed at all of the clothing I get them.  They love them!  I obviously make sure they aren't all worn out and stained. 

Keep a good eye on your finds. Check the items to make sure they fit.  Also, make sure there are no tears.  Don't take off the tags without making sure you or your child will wear them.  Typically thrift stores will take the items back within 7 days as long as the tags are still attached and you have the receipt. 

If any of you reside in Las Vegas, I think I should tell you some great news!  Epic is having another 50 percent off sale this weekend.  I suggest checking it out. 

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