Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yard Sale Season Is Upon Us

You all know that I love yard sale season.  This past weekend our neighbor mentioned how she had been at her sister's house the night before and had seen a substantial amount of yard sale signs being put up.  She hinted at going in that area to check out the sales.  I happily acted upon her hinting and off we went.  I had never been in that area before and was so happy in my experience. 

Let me tell you how thoroughly excited I am about the amazing finds we stumbled upon. 

I found a number of items of clothing in different price ranges.  The best just so happened to be a jacket for 25 cents.  Yes, you read that correctly.  25 cents! 

My neighbor found so many clothes that her and her family will wear.  She found toys and an awesome oil painting for $10.00 which is really big.  Needlesss to say in my little car with three kids and two grown ups plus all our finds, we were squished. 

The greatest find of all though was the amazing bicycle I found for my daughter.  It was in great condition in a nice light blue color for only TEN BUCKS!!!!!  I was so excited because I have been keeping my eyes out for a bike for her.  I have seen plenty of them but in pretty bad condition.  When I say bad, I am talking about completely rusty and sellers still asking for about $10-$15!!  I was mightily excited for this find, as was Bug as well.  My camera isn't working the greatest or I would take pictures of it to share with all of you. 

Tonight as I was driving home, I saw a church yard sale sign up and a parking lot of things.  From my experience in yard sales, I tend to have pretty good success at church sales, so I decided to stop and have a little look.  I ended up finding some really nice clothes for my daughter for 6 dollars total.  Two were cute t-shirts for fifty cents each, two were nice light long sleeved shirts, one nice Arizona jean company sweater and One was an H&M brand Hello Kitty red shirt with black sequins.  These will be for Bug to help dress her for next school year.  (Yes, I am already thinking of next school year as I shop in advance in hopes to spend a lot less on clothing while I can find the great deals.)

The weekend is almost here and most people think happily of relaxing and lounging.  Me?  Heck no!  I am thinking of yard sales.  A thrifty, sassy, mama life for me :)!  I love being able to save money by hitting up yard sales. 

Have you been yard sale shopping lately?  What finds have you found?

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