Monday, April 9, 2012

Epic Thrift Store Review

I was listening to the radio show this past week and they were talking about a new thrift store.  The name of it was Epic Thrift Store, and they were selling certificates to the store.  Basically the certificate was worth $20.00 and if someone wanted to buy one, they were $7.00.  You just take the certificate in and use it just like you would as cash.  I decided to buy a certificate and check out the store so I paid the radio show the $7.00. 

Upon pulling up to the store, I noticed the window had painted words stating everything was 30% off in store on Friday and 50% off on Saturday for Easter.  Since it was Friday, I was excited.

Upon entering the store, I will happily admit that I was impressed.  Everything was color coordinated.  I immediately went to the children's clothing section.  I started looking through the racks to see what all they had. 

I looked in the children's jeans, which I was specifically on the look out for Bug.  I swear that child grows out of everything so fast.  They had a great variety and the average pair of pants ran $4.00- $4.99, though I did see a few pairs for even less than that.  (Add into account that 30 % off special for that day as well and it would have been even less.)  So I checked out the racks to see what else they had. 

I loved how organized the entire store was.  I really liked the decent prices on clothing.  I had been in Savers recently and noticed them charging $4.99 for children's shirts!  Epic was nothing like that.  Their children's shirts were typically priced in the $1-$3.00 range.  Obviously the $3.00 shirt being really nice and not to mention Tony Hawk brand. 

Although I absolutely loved the selection for clothing, I was not very impressed with their housewares, books or furniture.  Then again I wasn't really on the hunt for those sections this weekend.  I was a little shocked to see a wall hanging priced at $30.00 which didn't seem very reasonable or nice. 

I ended up finding Jack (3) sturdy jackets, (one of which was, a thick, wind and water resistent jacket in great condition for $7 plus the 30% off so the total for it was $4.90!!!), a costume for him for Halloween (Transformer's BumbleBee) for $3 plus the discout, 2 pairs of pants for Bug, some shirts, and a few other things.  In all, my total was $22.00 including the 30 % discount.  Since I had my certificate, I handed that over and paid $2.00.  So my total was $9.00 out of pocket for all those items!!!

(I wish my camera was working so I could take pictures of the items.) 

As a result of their 50 % off deal on Saturday, I decided to go back that morning on a whim to get some more clothing for my kids.  My kids are sporadic with their sizing and fitting clothing.  For a long time they can stay in one size and the next minute it seems they keep growing and growing.  I swear I can never win.  ;)

I ended up walking out with about 10 pairs of nice jeans for Bug (some of which were larger sizes for her to grow into since I never know how long she will stay in a size of clothing), a bunch of nice shirts for Jack in a size or two bigger than he is in now (some of which included Tony Hawk, Transformers, Spider Man, Cars, and various other logos/brands), 4 shirts for Bug, a jacket for Bug, a really nice dress for Bug for Christmastime, and a couple other things.  I walked out with 5 or 6 bags full of clothes.  My total was about $54.00!

In conclusion I highly suggest checking this store out to anyone looking for a hip, reasonably priced, organized, color coordinated thrift store!  I know I will be going back there for future shopping.

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