Thursday, March 31, 2011

New to the "Wal-Mart Matching Price" Game

Well, I learned recently that Wal Mart will match competitor ads.  Don't ask me where I have been.  I had heard this about two years ago and they wouldn't match the price on fruits and veggies, so I immediately gave up.  Well recently I heard about them price matching and I tried it. 

Two weeks ago in one of the grocery ads, I saw the magic numbers mixed with perfect words: Oranges 10 pounds for a $1 Who in the world can beat that?  I went in to Wal Mart ready with ads in hand.  They matched the price and were so nice about it.  I went home and tried an orange.  I must say that Wal Mart has the best oranges I have had in the past few years.  They are so delicious.  They are much better than the oranges I have tasted lately.  And at 10 cents a pound, who can compare?

This week I was looking through the ads and noticed the following great buys and went to Wal-Mart last night for price matching:
  • oranges at 8 pounds for $1
  • Ramen Noodles 10 packs for $1 (normally you can only get 7 packs for a dollar even on sale )
  • Mushrooms $1 for 8 oz. package
  • Strawberries 2 for $2 ($1 each obviously)
I plan to go thoroughly through my ads tomorrow night and make a list to incorporate with our grocery shopping.  I normally don't buy meat or chicken from Wal-Mart because from what I had been told by friends, they are much more expensive than others.  Last night while looking around though, I noticed chicken breast at $1.78 a pound.  Others charge $1.99 a pound on sale.  I guess I will be watching more closely and planning our menu around this price. 

The chicken breast and mushrooms are the perfect price for me to buy to make my Cajun Chicken Pasta dish.  Mmmmmmmmm. 

Girls' Night In is at my house this weekend, and we do it potluck style.  It has been a while since I have been able to get a girls night together so I am really excited.  Everyone brings something yummy to eat and share.  In addition to everyone enjoying the yummy foods, we play cards (which everyone gets really competitive over  ;)  ) and catch up by talking and enjoying each other.  Inexpensive fun.  :)  What better words can there be? 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tangled Again

OH my goodness, have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE the movie Tangled yet?  Needless to say, I do.  :)  This movie was by far one of the best Disney movies I have seen, like I mentioned before. My kids absolutely loved it. My daughter was glued to the theatre. It was such a great movie.

Mandy Moore plays such a great princess.  I just love her voice.  And the MUSIC!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness she is awesome. 
Looking for a giveaway for this movie?  Check this out:
This is a blog I just stumbled upon and I am so happy that I did.  It seems like a blog I plan to continue watching and follow.  Check her out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I took my kids to see the movie Tangled this past weekend.  This movie was by far one of the best Disney movies I have seen.  My kids absolutely loved it.  My daughter was glued to the theatre.  It was such a great movie. 

Right now Two Of a Kind Working On a Full House is having a giveaway for the movie.  Check out her giveaway here : My daughter informed me after we left the theatres that she is going to ask Santa for that for Christmas.  Considering her birthday is in June, I really hope to win this so I can give it to her for her birthday.  She would be so excited, jumping up and down. 

I highly suggest going to see this movie and/or purchasing this if you haven't seen this.  It definitely is so adorable and I know you will love it.  (At least I do!)

Learn more about the movie here:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!!!

What time is that, you might ask?  TAX TIME!  With all the great things I have donated to thrift stores this year, it sure added up.  I also made sure to pay my tithing and that definitely helped out.  I went and got my taxes filed and sent them off this past weekend.  It felt really nice to have it all done. 

With me having made much less in 2010, I sure was happy to see the amount on my tax return.  I was actually in shock.  I was scared I might owe since I didn't pay much in taxes.  But with all these tax credits, I am happy to say I do not owe and will be receiving something back  :)  That is a huge relief off my shoulders.  I definitely don't know much about taxes, but I was happy to pay the $75 to my CPA to get it all worked out and together.  I have been going to this CPA for the past few years.  I feel confident that he does my taxes.

Have you filed your taxes yet?  Are you waiting til the last minute?  If you received a tax return, what do you plan on doing with that money?  Paying off bills?  Saving?  Purchasing a Big Ticket item?