Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Dave Ramsey Giveaway

Ok this weekend we were out and about and my son kept tellinng me about all these things he wanted.  Granted he is only 3 so of course he wants everything.  I told him that he would have to purchase them with his own money and he just said ok.  He was fine with it.  First off, he didn't have enough money for even one of the items.  Second, it was stuff he really didn't need.  I tried explaining that he didn't have enough and he wouldn't have any money at all.  He responded that he would get more. 

I realized my kids really don't know a thing about money.  I thought I was teaching them and they understood.  Apparently I am wrong.  :( 

Right now there is a Dave Ramsey Giveaway going on.  Check out this site  It is designated specifically for kids.  It teaches the Save, Spend and Give concept.  Obviously my kids are in need of this.  What about yours? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hoover Giveaway

Right now if you head on over to and they are having an awesome giveaway!!  They are giving away a Hoover Carpet Cleaner!  If you have ever been to my house, you KNOW that I need one of these.  Two kids= messy carpets.  Make sure you check out Hoover at  Who couldn't use one of these?? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sale Scores

As I mentioned on the last post, IT IS YARD SALE SEASON!!!  Have I mentioned my love of yard sales?  :)

 I went yard sale hunting this weekend and found my son 4 dress shirts for when he is a size bigger. The lady asked $1 each, but I got her down to 50 cents each. One is a Carters brand, one is Childrens Place, One Ralph Polo and One is Osh Kosh. :) I was very happy with scoring these. They are all button down with no stains. I also found my daughter a denim skirt for one size up as well as a pair of pants for this next school year. They were each $1. For $4 all together, I think I did pretty well for the weekend. What do you think?

I also scored a large car rug in great condition (those ones you play with the matchbox cars on) for $2.00!  I am saving this for my son for Christmas or his birthday.  I can't exactly take a picture of it, as he will think he gets to play with it if he sees it out.  It is in the trunk of the car and will be brought in tonight.  It is in great condition. 

I didn't have time to post last weekend's finds.  I went to a yard sale and found a popcorn maker, which I have been in search of for some time.  There was a free bin which had toy cars and a few misc. barbie toys.  We grabbed a few.  The lady told me the popcorn maker was 50 cents!  I asked her how much these books were and she said to just take them and they were mine.  I was so excited, as two of them are from the Hallmark Store, and I collect cute Christmas books.  So for 50 cents I got a popcorn maker (not pictured), 4 cute Christmas books, and a few misc. toys that the kids were really excited for. 

I went to another yard sale and scored the Witch, Cowardly Lion, Tinman and guitar (all for Barbie) for $1, which my daughter paid for out of her own money since she wanted them. She loves Barbie and was very excited to add these to her stash of Barbie things.  The three toys on the bottom were part of the free bin at the first yard sale (and about 5 toy cars from the free bin not pictured).

So those are the finds I have had for the past two weeks.  I think I did pretty great.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Have I Mentioned My Love???

Have I mentioned my love for yard sale shopping?  I seriously love it.  Some Saturday mornings I load the kids in the car and we go venturing in search of yard sales.  This past month I found some really great buys. 
  • A cast iron dutch oven for $5.00!!!
  • A playstation controller for $1.00.  We have a playstation and had only one controller.  I was determined to find another controller.  This price sure beats Gamestop!
  • 8 playstation games for $4.00 total.  At 50 cents a piece, that sure is some cheap entertainment if you ask me.  (The Playstation was given to me a few years back for free, along with the first controller and a few games.)
  • An empty 12x12 scrapbook $1.00. I will use this to make a scrapbook at the holidays and gift it. It was never used.
  • This weekend I found an *awesome* score of clothes for my daughter for when she is a little bigger.  I found an Anthropologie white sweater for $1.00 (in great condition)!!!!  An amazing cherokee jacket (really nice and only worn once before the daughter decided she didn't like it anymore per the mom selling it) for $3.00.  It was too good to be true.  I will definitely have to post some pictures.  4 pairs of pants/shorts $1.00 each (Gap and other quality brands- not that I am a brand snob.  They all look barely worn).  Three cute summer shirts for 25 cents each.  Total $8.75!