Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving On


Such a difficult part of life at times. 

I will be the first to openly admit that I tend to have a difficult time with change.  I want things to be constant and lasting. 
When you are young you think you will always have the friends that you have.  At my age you look back and realize how life is constantly changing.  Friends come and go.  I have always taken hold of the past when it comes to people and held on for dear life. 

Today it kind of hit me over the head.  Embrace change.  Allow it and love it.  Let certain people go.  There was a reason and season for them, but now it is time to let it go. 

Even best friends I had in my past who I swore would be by my side no matter what and I for them as well, just don’t fit into my life anymore.  I don’t fit into their lives I am realizing now.  People are all at different phases in their lives. 

I don’t think people know how to handle or relate to me.  Sometimes it feels like my friends who are married and have families don’t relate to me because I don’t have a husband.  Other friends can’t relate to me because I have kids and they don’t.  There are so many factors that come into play.  I have always let it bring me down.  But for what reasoning?  It isn't something to bring you down.  It is time to LOVE Change!

Today I am embracing it and coming to the realization that it is okay.  Letting people go is just fine by me.  Not in a dramatic “I’M DELETING THEM FROM MYSPACE/FACEBOOK” kind of way or anything.  Just letting it go and moving forward. 
Mr. Change I take thee to be my lawful wedded...

Friday, September 23, 2011

The ULTIMATE Giveaway

Okay happy bloggers and readers:

Christmas is just around the corner. 
We all know how much fun Christmas shopping and preparing is  ;)

Do any of your kids have a playhouse on their Christmas list?? 

Shining to Save is having the ULTIMATE giveaway right now! 

How about the Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse??

RUN, don't walk, over there as fast as you can and enter this hot giveaway!  Step2 is such a great company and makes quality items. 
I know my son would LOVE one of these for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Girl From the Ghetto is at it again! 

She is having a giveaway for an iloveRobots Mechatar!!!  How many of you are preparing for Christmas early?  Anyone have a robot lover in the house?  I know I do.  My son is into such a vast array of things.  Robots just so happen to be on that list.  Check out the giveaway and get entering.  :)

DXG Luxe Collection Camcorder Giveaway

If you are looking for a cool DXG Luxe Collection Camcorder Giveaway then you should head on over to Our Ordinary Life

Kristin has a great giveaway for this hot item.  What could you do with this? 

Check out her post!!
"It features a classic design that is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and will complement anyone’s taste and personal style. This camcorder records real 1080p high definition video and captures still pictures up to 12 megapixels. It also boasts a 3″ touchscreen display and an HDMI interface so it can easily be connected to your HDTV. This camcorder comes with everything you need to start recording your precious memories right away."

Friday, September 16, 2011

All Aboard (Giveaway)

All Abooooooooooooooooooooooard!

Jolly Mom has a sweet givewaay for a Vtech Chuggington Laptop!  What is great about this is that it isn't just fun, but in fact helps with learning.  Head to her blog now.  Don't delay in entering this as today is the last day of the giveaway!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peg Perego Pliko Switch System

Mama B is having the ULTIMATE giveaway right now!!!! 

                         She has a giveaway for a Peg Perego Pliko Switch System!

Peg Perego makes this amazing system.  My little sister is pregnant with her first child right now and could really use this for my little niece or nephew.  How helpful and great this would be.

Right from Mama B's blog:
Here are some fabulous features of this Peg Perego system :
» Reversible seat.
» One hand umbrella–style folding. Compact and self standing once folded.
» Stroller seat also easily separates from chassis for even more compact stowing.
» The included infant seat creates the perfect travel system.
» The included bassinet easily attaches directly to the chassis.
» Height adjustable handles with rubber insert.
» Central handle for folding and side carrying handle.
» All wheels suspension: swiveling or locking at the front.
» Adult cup holder.
» Built–in rear footboard provides safe ride for second passenger.
» Large, practical basket.
» Zippered hood, can be used as a sun canopy.
» Hood with loop to dangle baby’s favorite toy.
» Five–point seat belt. Hinged front tray opens and removes easily.
» Backrest reclines to several positions and leg rest is adjustable to 3 positions.
» Stroller seat attaches easily to the stand enclosed in your Modular System.
» Convenient single purchase.

Check out Mama B's blog and make sure you check the review for this out.  She has completely sold me on this.

The giveaway ends on September 30th

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card Up For Grabs

Manager to Mom is one year old as of yesterday!!!!

Happy Birthday, Manager to Mom! 

She started her blog to document her adventures in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Little did she know it would grow to have 360 amazing followers.  I have been following for a little while now.  I must suggest that you visit and follow her blog!  :)

Woooo hooo.  Let the celebration begin.  In honor of her ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY, she is having a fun little giveaway. 

How about a $25.00 Amazon gift card up for grabs? 

That sounds like music to my ears!!!  :) 

The Little People (Giveaway)

Have you or your babies ever played with the Little People?  Oh my gosh, my kids LOVED them growing up.  They even have movies about them.  Right now Two Boys One Girl and a Crazy Mom is having a giveaway for the Zoo set.  If you or anyone you know likes Little People, check it out!

Freebie Junkie

thefreebiejunkie is having a good giveaway right now!  You can enter a giveaway for a 7 inch Digital Photo Frame.  If any of you really know me, you know that I love pictures.  I seriously LOVE pictures of my kids and family/friends.  Head over there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going Through A Dry Patch

I am going through a rather dry patch in my giveaways. 

I haven't been winning lately.  

Where the heck has my luck gone???

I know I should be thankful for all that I have won and be happy.  I consider my giveaways/sweepstake entering my second job. 

Well, Sassy's 2nd job sure isn't paying up lately. 

I spend so much time on my giveaways.  I know I should just concentrate on it a whole lot less. 

Maybe I am just a spoiled little brat sometimes, but come on!  My luck has got to turn around.  I was on such a good streak.

Food Storage and Preparedness {Giveaway}

Did you know September is Preparedness month?I am not one of those doom and gloom kind of people. However, with the recent tragedies of weather and as we just came upon the 10 year anniversary of one of the biggest events that have affected all of our lives, (and let’s not forget the fact that food prices keep rising and RISING), I have been steadily working on my food storage. I buy things at their rock bottom price and stock up my pantry. In my effort to save, I stumbled upon Deals to Meals.

Have you ever checked out Deals to Meals? Oh my goodness is it awesome. Shandra Madsen shows you how to easily stock up on food storage and incorporate the items in your everyday lives. She shows you awesome recipes and how to perfect items your family loves.

I was always scared to cook with beans due to the time and …. AFTER AFFECTS, hahaha. After following her bean month, I will tell you that my kids’ favorite food is my white chicken chili. They absolutely love it!!!

I am much more open to incorporating better foods in our diets. She has great tips and shows you how to easily put together a food storage plan. As she shows in one of her videos, you don’t just want to stock up on macaroni/spaghetti and peanut butter. You want to incorporate full meals that your family could be sustained on. No, I don’t have a year’s worth of food in my house or anything, but in the event that I didn’t get paid for some time or the stores were all closed, I know our family wouldn’t be too frantic over it. At least we wouldn’t starve!

Shandra explains on her blog how her family stocks up on food when they receive windfalls, such as tax return money. She is more excited over food than clothes and jewelry. I never was too thrilled with my grocery shopping until I started following her site.  If you haven’t checked her out, I really think you should. I am sure her blog could help you!

Bucket List

What are some things on your Bucket List? 

Here are mine:

#1) Visit Wales and meet/see my Mom's side of the family. 

Did you know they have really old castles there???  I think that would be awesome to see.

#2) See Big Ben in London
I have always wanted to see Big Ben in London.  I think it would be grand and exciting.

#3) Take my kids to Disneyland again

You know, the happiest place on EARTH!!!  :)

If you head over to Budgets are Sexy, they are having an awesome giveaway toward your bucket list.  How about $500 toward yours??  The $500 Budgets are Sexy giveaway! Run, don't walk over there now!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Marshalls Giveaway!

Have you finished all your Back-to-School shopping or do you still need to pick up some things?  Head over to Mommy Gaga right now for a chance at a $50.00 Marshalls gift card.  Oh the endless possibilities.  Jack keeps growing out of everything so quickly.  I would love to win this to buy him some new shirts. 

Have you ever been to Marshalls?  I have.  I had a great experience and found some great finds.  Head to Mommy Gaga NOW!  You won't want to miss out on this giveaway.  Happy entering.

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop {Giveaway}

I have always loved the game Scrabble.  I remember my big sister getting this HUGE Scrabble set from a yard sale when we were really little.  This was one sturdy set.  It was so fun to play (or act/try to play when you are so young that you don't know how to really spell). 

Well, Hasbro has made a Scrabble Alphabet Scoop game now.  Head over to Home Grown Families for a chance to enter and win this.  I recently started playing Scrabble with Bug and she loves it!  I know this new game would be  a blast!  Who else likes Scrabble?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TJ Max Giveaway at Shining 2 Save

Shining 2 Save is currently having a nice giveaways over at her site.  Do you like T.J. Maxx?  I do!  I could spend so much time in there shopping.  They always have super cute clothing and decently priced name brand items.  I always love hitting up their toy section and finding great discontinued items that I don't see in other stores anymore.  Oh the possibilities on this TJ Max Giveaway!  Check it out now before it is too late!  :)  Happy entering.

Cooler Weather and Motivation

I just love when the weather starts to cool down.  I want to start walking again and get in shape.  I hope that with the weather starting to decline, it will give me initiative to get outdoors.  I need to really work on that.  Oh I just love when it gets nice a cool. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Ol' Labor Day

Oh how nice it was to have an extra day off work this week.  I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed having that little break.  This weekend I had my whole family over for dinner.  My step mom's best friend was in town from Texas.  "Aunty Connie" only tend to come here once every year or every other year.  I decided it would be perfect to get the family together since they were in town. 

In preparations to have everyone over for dinner, I scrubbed the house down until it shined.  We had Hawaain Haystacks.  Fresh cooked rice, the chicken mixture and all the toppings were prepared ahead of time as to not add pressure and stress to me  later on.  I will admit that dinner was a huge success.  I felt so accomplished and happy having our whole family in my dining room.  The joy and love that I saw before my eyes just made me so happy.  I loved seeing my kids playing with their cousins in the other room and just being kids.  I loved witnessing everyone eating plenty of food. 

I wish our family would get together more often, but it seems that everyone is always so busy pertaining to their own lives. 

Our family keeps growing and growing.  My little sister got married a couple months ago and just found out she is expecting.  I get to be an aunty again!  Whether the baby is a boy or a girl is not an important matter.  The parents just want a healthy baby.  I personally want another nephew!  :)  I just think a boy would be so fitting on my sister at this stage in her life.  Of course, if Aunty Sassy has a niece she would be pleased as well. 

During dinner my step mom and Aunty Connie were discussing going thrift store hunting this morning.  Apparently there are 99 cent days at Goodwill on Mondays and my stepmom always has great luck when she goes.  I was more interested in hitting up Savers' 50 percent off sale I knew they would have.  I haven't really gotten all of Bug's school clothing.  I focused on purchasing her pants to get her through the year before school starting.  In our conversation, I agreed to give Goodwill another try with them, though I never had an inclination that I would find anything worthwhile.  We put together a plan based on Savers opening at 7 in the morning. 

My nephew asked if my kids could spend the night last night after dinner, and I had the entire house to myself.  I must admit that it was kind of odd.  I am not used to having the house to myself.  As a single mom, I just hardly ever am at home alone.  I must admit that it kind of saddened me last night.  I was having a tiny bit of a pity party being single.  The feeling comes and goes at times in my life.  Instead of excelling, I just feel like I am spinning my wheels lately.  Instead of going further, I am just here.  Is that a normal feeling?  Strange? 

Being a single mom, I feel the stereotypical judgments of others. 

No, I am not some whore who sleeps around and doesn't care about her kids. 

I love my kids with all my heart

They are the reason I do what I do.  Everything I do is for them. 

I know that I have to look up and look toward the future.  Just today my aunty was asking when I am going to get married.  She told me it is my turn next in the family.  It took everything I had not to laugh at her.  Does she think I purposely am not dating or married?  In a sense, it feels like people think I just live off in my own little world and have a lack of desire to find anyone. 

I am not desperate by any means, but people it isn't as easy as it sounds or looks!  hahahahaha

I feel like it is the church scene that I don't fit in with the most.  It hurts that guys at church or of the religion don't give you a real chance because you have kids. 

My step mom had been single for 10 years before she remarried.  She had one daughter who was one year old when she and her ex husband divorced.  She faithfully kept in the church and went, as well as single adult activities.  She has told me many stories of activities and dating and how it just never happened until my dad came around. 

Is it sad that that makes me so sad to even think of 10 years of being single??  I have been single for a long time now, hahaha! 

I just have mixed reactions to hearing that it can happen "one of these days".  Like I mentioned previously, I am not desperate by any means.  It just isn't as easy as some people make this dating thing out to be. 

What really makes me the saddest about it is my kids' ultimate love and yearning for their dad.  He doesn't even call them.  When they get in trouble, who is it that they cry for?  Him.

He hasn't paid ONE DAMN PENNY, or even a birthday present, card or Christmas present in years!  Is it so bad that I wish they had a more permanent figure in their life?  By no means will anyone EVER replace their dad, nor would I ever want anyone to.  I just wish things would be easier in this whole thing sometimes. 

Sorry for the rambling guys.  Just wishing things were better in my life.  I know that I am blessed beyond words.  I don't know where I would be without the Lord.  He is in control and it is all in His hands.  I know everything happens by His time.  So Sassy has to be patient and deal with it.  Fine.  :)

On a positive note, I did find some great finds at Savers and even a few things for Bug at Goodwill.  Aunty Connie got Jack some great shirts while we were out and about.  She also got Bug some formal wear from Goodwill for dress ups.  Bug was sooooooo excited.  I washed them all up really good and she was having a ball after they were all dry.  It was so cute. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Wants an iPad 2???

Head over to Life and My Finances to enter to win...

wait for it....

wait for it.....  

          an iPad 2!!!!

How awesome is this???  I think it is very awesome.  Head there now, no really NOW!  :)  Happy entering my peeps.

Nutrimill Giveaway

There is a giveaway for a Nutrimill going on over at Heavenly Home Makers.  Do you ever make homemade yumminess?

From the Heavenly Home Makers Website:
The Nutrimill will grind wheat and beans—hard and soft wheat, kamut, spelt, hulled buckwheat, oat groats, hully barley, triticalae, rye, brown rice, wild rice, popcorn, sorghum, soybeans, split peas, and dried beans.

I would love one of these.  I want to start cooking more naturally and healthy.  I know this would definitely help me in the process.  Does anyone have one of these?  What was your experience?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who Loves to Cook (Giveaway)

Okay there is a great giveaway going on right now over at Cooking With Thas.  Who loves some great cookbooks?  How about one from the Pioneer Woman?  I <3 that lady.  She is so inventive and awesome.  Okay the giveaway includes 4 books!  But hurry before it is too late to enter.  You will want these.  One of them is an Indian cookbook!  Have I ever mentioned my absolute LOVE for Indian food?  Oh my mouth is watering just thinking about that yummy curry right now.  Okay enough of my jabbering already.  Get over and check out the giveaway NOW!!!