Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!!!

What time is that, you might ask?  TAX TIME!  With all the great things I have donated to thrift stores this year, it sure added up.  I also made sure to pay my tithing and that definitely helped out.  I went and got my taxes filed and sent them off this past weekend.  It felt really nice to have it all done. 

With me having made much less in 2010, I sure was happy to see the amount on my tax return.  I was actually in shock.  I was scared I might owe since I didn't pay much in taxes.  But with all these tax credits, I am happy to say I do not owe and will be receiving something back  :)  That is a huge relief off my shoulders.  I definitely don't know much about taxes, but I was happy to pay the $75 to my CPA to get it all worked out and together.  I have been going to this CPA for the past few years.  I feel confident that he does my taxes.

Have you filed your taxes yet?  Are you waiting til the last minute?  If you received a tax return, what do you plan on doing with that money?  Paying off bills?  Saving?  Purchasing a Big Ticket item? 

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