Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thousandaire's Giveaway

Wow guys!  So Thousandaire is having this super huge, awesome, gigantic, amazing, fun and big giveaway!!!! Thousandaire is giving away a total of $683.90 worth!

From the website:
Thousandaire Giveaway Prizes

•$275 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Fire and accessories)
•$100 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Touch)
•$100 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Touch)
And now the sponsored prizes. Thank you very much to all the PF bloggers who are sponsoring this giveaway, and please check out their sites:
•iPod Shuffle ($50 value) from Prairie Eco-Thrifter where you will learn how to go green, save money, and have fun.
•$25 sent via Paypal from, where you’ll find the best bonus offers and promotional deals.
•$25 Amazon Gift Card from Retire By 40, where you can read about saving 50% on your medical bills.
•$25 Amazon Gift Card from Invest It Wisely, where it’s all about getting out of the rat race.
•$25 Amazon Gift Card from Accountant by Day, making it as a 20-something professional in the corporate world.
•$20 Amazon Gift Card from Bucksome Boomer where you’ll read about life and money on the way to retirement.
•Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Book ($14.95 value) from Personal Finance Whiz, where the goal is to spend smarter, beat debt and grow wealthy.
•Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover ($12.95 value) from Hank. If you ask a money question at Money Q&A you could win more prizes if your question is featured on the Money Q&A
•$10 Amazon Gift Card from My Personal Finance Journey, where understanding how to prioritize new funds is bringing sexy back.

Get your butt over there NOW!!!

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