Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Joy

I know I am a total slacker. Been gone for a bit.  So many changes and things going on.

You know me and my love of yard sales, thrift stores and great deals.  Well that season is totally here and I am loving it.  I have been scoring some awesome deals at yard sales.  The past few weekends I have scored a substantial amount of clothing for 25 cents each.  Who can beat that?  Much better than any thrift store prices.  I have even found some things for myself.  I have been so thrilled with what great things I have managed to score. 

I am thinking of starting a little side business like I see people do selling on craigslist and ebay.  With my negotiating skills when it comes to yard sales, I think I could manage some great deals and in turn sell them online.  I have heard many people talk about doing this, in addition to seeing some awesome blogs such as this one which I totally love following.  Do any of you do this?  If so, do you have any pointers?  I have heard of people making a pretty good profit and it sure wouldn't hurt to partake in the profits of that kind of side business.

News in my life- in a relationship and it is going amazing.  I couldn't be happier.  He is great with my kids and I completely love and adore his.  I never thought I would date anyone with kids, considering what I went through as a child of a blended family.  It just never seemed like my cup of tea ever.  Sure enough here I am and I would never change it for anything.  Between the two of us there are 5 kids!  That is a lot of kids but they sure are all worth it. 

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