Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Dave Ramsey Giveaway

Ok this weekend we were out and about and my son kept tellinng me about all these things he wanted.  Granted he is only 3 so of course he wants everything.  I told him that he would have to purchase them with his own money and he just said ok.  He was fine with it.  First off, he didn't have enough money for even one of the items.  Second, it was stuff he really didn't need.  I tried explaining that he didn't have enough and he wouldn't have any money at all.  He responded that he would get more. 

I realized my kids really don't know a thing about money.  I thought I was teaching them and they understood.  Apparently I am wrong.  :( 

Right now there is a Dave Ramsey Giveaway going on.  Check out this site  It is designated specifically for kids.  It teaches the Save, Spend and Give concept.  Obviously my kids are in need of this.  What about yours? 

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