Monday, May 2, 2011

Have I Mentioned My Love???

Have I mentioned my love for yard sale shopping?  I seriously love it.  Some Saturday mornings I load the kids in the car and we go venturing in search of yard sales.  This past month I found some really great buys. 
  • A cast iron dutch oven for $5.00!!!
  • A playstation controller for $1.00.  We have a playstation and had only one controller.  I was determined to find another controller.  This price sure beats Gamestop!
  • 8 playstation games for $4.00 total.  At 50 cents a piece, that sure is some cheap entertainment if you ask me.  (The Playstation was given to me a few years back for free, along with the first controller and a few games.)
  • An empty 12x12 scrapbook $1.00. I will use this to make a scrapbook at the holidays and gift it. It was never used.
  • This weekend I found an *awesome* score of clothes for my daughter for when she is a little bigger.  I found an Anthropologie white sweater for $1.00 (in great condition)!!!!  An amazing cherokee jacket (really nice and only worn once before the daughter decided she didn't like it anymore per the mom selling it) for $3.00.  It was too good to be true.  I will definitely have to post some pictures.  4 pairs of pants/shorts $1.00 each (Gap and other quality brands- not that I am a brand snob.  They all look barely worn).  Three cute summer shirts for 25 cents each.  Total $8.75!


  1. Garage sales can be pretty awesome, hey?! I dont know about you, but my patience gets pretty worn out after looking for the right stuff, though.

  2. Oh I agree, Daisy! I can only last an hour or two.

  3. I love getting items at garage sales. I am really blessed to have a personal shopper who goes garage sale shopping for me! She is an older woman whose children are grown. She vacations in another state (with a different climate, which means the summer clothes are barely used--perfect for us!) and she takes my list with her (children's sizes and needs for the next 1-2 years). She said that she is garage sale shopping anyway, and she loves looking for little clothing. I love having her do this! This will be the 4th year she has gone shopping for me. One year she didn't go, and I was blessed to receive a lot of hand-me downs that year.

    Sounds like you found some great deals!

  4. @prudent Homemaker I am so jealous! When it is yard sale season here, it is so hot!!! I practically melt. Although I honestly love yard sale shopping, having the kids arguing in the back seat sometimes becomes too much sometimes ;) I love my finds though and it becomes more than worth it in the end.

  5. Great finds. I am so happy warmer weather is coming, more yard and garage sales.