Friday, June 3, 2011

Time To Change

I was on Facebook last night and stumbled upon a link on my cousin's page.  It was a video of a family who went from a house with 2,000 sq. ft. to 320 sq. ft.  That is a couple and a tween son.  They have even managed to have a couple kids sleep over before.  At first thought I imagined some crazy family crammed in a tiny house and being unhappy.  Granted, that is exactly what I would think if I went and moved into a much smaller house.  I was pleasantly surprised after watching the video.  They seem so happy and seem to be doing well.  Their house is paid off in full, they pay $145 (or so) a month to rent the space for their place, but that also includes the rent for their business.  They work at home in a separate adjoining trailer "thinga-majigger".  They make homemade baby gifts.  All in all, they honestly seem like a happy family.  Here is the link to the video Here.   (Aren't you guys proud that I finally figured out how to do the link thing without listing the entire website?  Oh my goodness, I feel so accomplished.)

In the video, she kept emphasising it is about what you have and not what you don't have.  How important that is for us to remember.  I personally don't think I could go and move into that small of a house.  I get extremely claustrophobic sometimes and I know that I would just want to be away from home as a result.  However, after finishing watching the video, I surprisingly wanted to go through my house and get rid of a significant amount of items.  If any of you remember from reading my blog, last year I got rid of so much stuff and donated them to the thrift store.  It honestly felt so great.  My garage had been stuffed.  Now I need to go through our house more and get rid of more.  Do you ever feel like that after watching a video?

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