Monday, August 22, 2011

Hoarders, Food and Heat

Over the weekend I had this weird, sudden urge to cook. Remember I live in the desert where it is hot! In the middle of summer where it is so deathly hot, cooking can have very bad consequences. Namely heating up the whole house! I immediately thought it through and stupidly decided to cook anyways!

I ended up making homemade spaghetti sauce all from scratch. Tomatoes, bell peppers and onions have been on MAJOR sale this and last week. I will admit that I don’t like tomatoes. I do like spaghetti sauce and tomato based items, but not tomatoes raw and plain. So I figured I better use them up as this had been the first time in my entire life I had ever purchased tomatoes. Am I weird? Maybe. I just never had done that in my life. I didn’t even know how to pick out a good tomato. But I did cook and swimmer the sauce until it was perfect. I feel like a pro now though ;) I looked in the freezer and added some meatballs and broccoli in it. The kids would eat it at least.

I also made a 15 Bean Cajun Soup from dried beans. The beans alone took about 2 hours to make. It also required tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. I must admit that it turned out so great! I added sausage links in mine.

Needless to say, our house was quite HOT over the weekend. While cooking I realized I had no space in the freezer to store anything. So I decided I need to get working on eating up the foods in the freezers. Yes, I said FREEZERS. I have a deep freezer and my regular freezer. When foods go on sale, I stock up and purchase plenty so I don’t have to pay full price later down the road. So needless to say, we are well stocked up. But now it is a matter of rotating foods and using them up.

So I think I am putting myself on a “NOT-ALLOWED-TO-BUY-ANYTHING-FOR-FOOD” kinda spending freeze until I use up a lot of the items in the freezers. I am initiating this spending freeze for the month of September. I am permitting myself to purchase fruits, veggies and milk. However, I think other than that, I shouldn’t be buying anything else.

I feel like I am living on the show of hoarders when looking in my freezers (okay maybe that is stretching it a little). But I think it will kick me in the butt to use up the foods in there. Yes, I might end up heating up the house quite a bit over the next month.

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