Monday, August 22, 2011

Tragedies of Window Shopping

Over the weekend I was invited to a family member’s house for dinner. They told me to bring a salad if possible and come sometime after 5:00 that evening. I showed up at about 5:10 and they were nowhere in sight. Well, since they don’t exactly live anywhere around our house, I decided to go window shopping and looking around in Ross right by their house. While in there, the kids wanted to look at the cool toys. I just wanted to browse around.

In my browsing, I found a darling purple children’s ottoman. I thought it looked so cool and would look great in Bug’s room. My mind raced to all the awesome uses she could make of this. It was plush and very stylish. I thought how cool it would be to put all her dress up items in. I thought how cool it would be next to a mirror. Then I looked at the price tag. They wanted $40.00 plus tax for it. That is a pretty big penny for a storage item in my opinion. I let my mind wander and thought how awesome it would be for Christmas. Then I looked to my right and saw an awesome looking coat rack. You know those old coat racks from back in the day, well that is what I saw. And I got to thinking how cool that would be to put her dress up items on- next to the ottoman and mirror. How much was the coat rack? The same price as the ottoman! So here I am thinking about how awesome these would be in her room.

Remember that I set a $50.00 limit out of pocket for Christmas this year. I am currently at almost $10.00 as of right now. Had I seen these items at Ross before, I must openly admit that I would have definitely put together a different strategy and list for Christmas for my kids.

I am not one of those parents who buys my kids whatever they want. I honestly pretty much only purchase toys and things of that nature for birthdays and Christmas. Heck, I only purchase clothes for my kids around back-to-school time or at yard sales when they are really in need of them.

I am left wondering what to do about getting these things for Bug. I really think they would be of great use to her and I know she would love them. But there is no way I want to shell out $80.00 plus tax for them. That just isn’t wise spending in my eyes.

So now I am hoping I work hard to win some gift cards and such in order to get her these. Wish me luck! I might need it. What would you do in this situation? Would you just buy them and not worry about it?


  1. I almost bought an ottoman for my bedroom at Marshalls, it was insanely cute, but like you I couldn't justify paying $40 for it. After other rationalizing, I realized I really don't have the room for it either, per say.

    I bet you could easily win some giftcards to buy it, you've been so thrifty and resourceful. They also have them at Target for 19.99, just to let you know, in fun bright colors.

  2. Awww thanks Serendipity. I hope I win something. I am in a sorta dry spell right now on winning. Hope my luck turns around soon.