Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hi Strangers and GOOD RIDANCE to February

Howdy strangers out there in lovely blog land.  Have you mised me?  I apologize for my absense for so long. 

So I am living the frugal life, doing what I need to do.  Yes, there are areas where I could improve, but that is how life goes.  I am going to be working on a number of things in order to help me and my kids financially. 

I lost my job back in December.  It has been an adjustment.  I am not going to lie there.  When you are used to working, it is your identity in a sense.  I love my kids to death but it has been an adjustment being home.  I am actively working on job hunting in addition to a number of other things going on in life.
I have had a horrible last month.  I mean totally and completely horrible.  I was expecting a new baby with my fiance.... but unfortunately I miscarried.  :'(  It has been a very trying and hard time for me.  I have been on strict bedrest, gone to the hosptal, so many doctor appointments, 5 different antibiotics and a lot of pain medication.  In addition to me going through all this, the doctor left it up to be whether to do the surgery or not to assist wtih relieving the pain.  In a nutshell through the miscarriage and pain I have been going through, the doctor ordered another ultrasound and discovered there is blockage in both "female tubes". 

I can either just deal with the pain and hope it goes away and drains on its own as the doctor has said, or do surgery.  In the event that something goes wrong during surgery, there is a chance they will have to remove both tubes.  Not fun if you ask me.  When it hurts to sit or stand though, something has to give.  Heck it hurts even laying down.  I decided upon thought and prayer that I should do the surgery.  There is no way I can deal with this pain and a possibility of something repturing.  Unfortunately, since I have no medical insurance at the time they refuse to do the procedure without money paid upfront for the procedure. 

To add to my medical issues, financial issues arise.  I have been charging my office visits to my credit card, in addition to paying pain medication and prescriptions out of pocket. 

In addition to my medical needs, this month both kids had to go to UMC Quick Care. One had an allergic reaction to a medication given to him and the other came down with tonsilitis.  On top of those issues, we keep coming down with colds.  The germs sure keep going around from school to home. 

All I can say is thank goodness February is gone.  That is hard to say considering it is my birthday month, but I can't say it enough.  February you have sucked!!!

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