Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Start

Well, I won't lie.  I know I have really been neglecting this blog and I plan to get back in my blogging.  I apologize for my absence.  I have been going through so many things this past year. 

I am single again after a huge break up.  Good Riddance!  He was not what I need in my life.  Funny thing is, he still tries messaging me wanting to work it out.  NEVER!  Not gonna happen dumbass!

This past year I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  Let me tell you, I had never heard of it before.  Then when being diagnosed with it, I am discovering how many women have it.  It is a silent disease that has a huge impact on one's life. Don't know what endometriosis is?  Do some research here and other places. It is a life affecting disease for sure.

I was in a car accident last March!  A stupid lady ran a stop sign and hit me.  I was heading north and after she hit me I was completely West.  Funny thing is, I was in my SUV, and she was in a little Mercedes!  Then she lied to the cop telling him it was MY fault and that I was speeding.  Ummm really!??  Thankfully for me, there just happened to be 48 feet of skid marks before she hit me and 13 feet afterwards.  I had seen her coming out of the corner of my eye and was trying to slam on the brake in the process and have a still injured foot and ankle.  I have gone through one after another doctor visits.  I have done a round of extremely painful injections which didn't help.  I have taken countless pain medication.  I have been through physical therapy which the doctor told me to stop going to due to it making my injury worse!  This last week I had nuclear scans on my foot and x-rays on my back.  I will follow up this week to find out the results at my doctor visits.  In addition, I have chiropractor appointments now.  If that isn't enough, imagine walking around in a walking boot and a cane.  The pain is horrible!!  The doctor is thinking it is permanent, but until reviewing these scans, there is no way of knowing for sure.  The other impairment doctor thinks I have CRPS as a result of the injury now (you can read here about that if you feel so inclined to do so out of curiosity...

Let me tell you, at my age I never in a million years imagined myself where I am physically

I finally found work this past month after being out of work for a year. Imagine being a single mother with 2 kids (adorable ones I might add), unemployed going into job interviews with a cane and foot boot... enough said.  After plenty of job hunting, resume sending, interviews and follow-ups I JUMPED (ok not literally-I can't jump) at the offer of the job I have.  It has been a struggle working and having to take off so much time for doctor appointments.  I can't lie and say my job isn't already in jeopardy as a result of all the time off I have to take.  I am blessed though and I can't after deny that.  I am praying and hoping that I can keep this job and be able to PHYSICALLY handle the work.  Some days I can barely move with my back going out and my foot.  I am thankful for my boss understanding so far until now regarding having to take time off work for these visits. 

 Financially speaking it has been pretty dang tough to weather through being out of work that long. Being a single mom and it being only my income (unemployment insurance) to support us with the exception of child support finally being put in place, I won't say I haven't been stressed out trying to keep us in order financially. 

I won't lie and say some days I don't just want to give up but I can't.  I have too much to live for.

This year I have so much to do to get caught up on money-wise.  So this year I am getting back into my groove with working, finances and everything else.  Wish me luck friends!  Feel free to comment on what you want to see this year here on the blog too!

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