Friday, July 30, 2010


We all have different hobbies and interests.  Some hobbies are very expensive, while others aren't.  I have found significant ways to save money in the hobby field.  Let me first tell your about my hobbies.  I love taking pictures.  And with photography comes SCRAPBOOKING !  :)  I love scrapbooking.  I learned how to scrapbook when I was twelve years old in our church Mutual program.  From then I have been hooked.  I have spent so much money on scrapbook supplies it isn't funny in my lifetime.  To me it is worth it though.  But in recent years I have found ways to significantly save bundles on my supplies.

LOOK IN THE MOST UNTHOUGHT OF PLACES.  As simple as that might sound, you would be surprised at the deals you can find in places you wouldn't think of.  I have found awesome scrapbook supplies at Big Lots and ROSS.  Oh and you can't forget the 99 Cent Store!  Yes, you read that right.  And the savings are so big, you would be in shock.  I got my friend hooked on going with me to scope out the deals.  And you might be thinking these are just junky scrapbook kits, but they aren't.  I bought packs of scrapbook items for $3 each, complete with papers, stickers, die cuts and everything.  I have made some awesome pages from these frugal buys. 

Other ways I save on scrapbook supplies is waiting til JoAnn's has their 40 percent off sales on their paper stacks if they are the stacks I have been wanting.  Recently they had their sale and I had been wanting a certain stack that was $20.  After the discount was taken, I only spent $12. 

I tend to make scrapbooks as Christmas gifts and spend hours upon hours making them.  The recipients rave about how awesome their gifts are, and I feel all the happier knowing how much I saved buying the supplies to make them.  :) 

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