Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on Hobbies

Today on my way to work, I stopped in at Big Lots by my work.  I hadn't been to this location before.  I went in the scrapbooking section and found so many adorable packs of paper for only $5!  REALLY cute ones.  I was so excited.  $5 is a steal.  If any of you are scrapbookers, you really might want to start stopping in at Big Lots and see if you find anything at the store by you.  The store I stopped in at was the one off the 95 and Decatur (for anyone who is here).  You would be surprised at how great of deals they have.  It's hit or miss from my experience though, so I don't be disappointed if you don't find anything on a certain day. 

Post any comments to tell me if you have any great finds at the location by you.  :)

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