Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clearance Shopping Fun

My kids were promised that they could go to there grandparents today.  They were so excited.  We are working on potty training with my son and I told him that if he pooped in his pants, he wouldn't be able to go to Papa's house.  Lo and behold right as we are almost there, he does.  Ugggggg.  I decided to stand my grounds and tell my dad that his grandson wouldn't be able to come over.  My daughter was so excited to go and play, while my son was screaming as we left.  He was so upset.  Let's just hope that he learned his lesson with the whole diaper situation.  (You have to know that he does great with my grandma and keeps his diaper completely dry at her house.  He runs to the bathroom and proclaims that he has to go.)

So when we were driving, I was trying to think of where we could go on that side of town, since they live so far away and I really didn't want to drive all the way home and drive all the way back later on when it came time to pick her up.  I decided to go clearance shoppnig.  I hit up Target and TJ Max, at a few locations.  Yeah, I know not too cheap by spending all that gas, but it was fun to get out.  Each location has different items in their clearance. 

I found another of the 3 musketeer Kelly dolls at TJ's!  This one was purple and it was $5.  My daughter loves both purple and pink.  I think I will give them both to her, or I should say Santa will be giving them to her  ;) 

My daughter specifically told me that she wants some Barbie babies for Christmas(ya I know it is way too early for thinking about Christmas but when we were playing she told me that) since she doesn't have many.  I have been trying bidding on ebay with not much luck.  So when I was at TJ's I found some of these:    My clearance price was only $3!  :)  No, it isn't Barbie but I am sure it will do, since she really just wants asome babies for her Barbies.  Now that I think of it, I should go back and get a few to set aside for presents for Birthdays she gets invited to or selling them online. 

I also found a Little Pony play set for only $3.  I put it aside for a birthday present for a party.

I found a few fun looking board games and playsets at Target, all under $7.  All for Christmas or birthday gifts for extended family members.  I found another VMotion game, this one is Tinker Bell for only $5.  Pretty exciting.  And they had a controller to their game system for about $5 also.  I figured it was a good buy since they tend to be tough with their controller and it would be better to have one set aside just in case. 

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job at clearance shopping.  We have a number of things on hand if the kids get invited to parties, which let's face it, there are always kids birthday parties going on.  So it is nice to have a few things on hand.   

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