Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, A New Start

Today I feel strong.  I haven't had any Mountain Dew yesterday or today.  The only drink I have consumed has been water.  I feel so proud and accomplished of myself, considering how much Mountain Dew I would consume on such a consistent basis. 

Last night I was on the exercise bike for, oh....about 10 minutes or so. Yeah I am a total slacker on that.  I just couldn't stay and focus on that.  However, this morning we walked up to the park around 10:00 which is uphill.  While there I actually ran around and played with the kids.  I normally sit on the bench and watch them play.  Our friends came and met up with us to join in the fun.  In addition to playing with them, I walked all around the park with my friend for a long time while there ( I would say over a good hour though I didn't time it or anything).  It helped having a friend there to talk to.  It felt awesome.  When we were finished, we walked home, though the kiddos were pretty tired after being on the go that whole time at the park.  We just got home about half an hour ago (1:50).  So I was up off my butt the whole time.    I will be honest and say that my feet hurt now, but I am so proud and happy with myself for sticking with this and working hard. 

When we got home, we drank plenty of water and had some Progresso canned soup.  My choice was the Beef Barley.  Pretty yummy stuff and has plenty of veggies.  I liked it and so did the kids.  It was very filling and sustainable.  I had a whole can to myself.  As I sit here typing, I think I am going to have to work on my portions in time, but right now it is baby steps.  Just having to work on it. 

Yes, it is only the 2nd day of the year but I am still on track.  In talking to my friend at the park while we were walking, we talked about resolutions and goals.  She mentioned how her and her family plan on putting together vision boards together as a family for what they plan to do this year.  I think that is such a great idea.  While walking we talked in detail about some of our goals for this year and what we plan to do and I thought of some other things that I would like to do this year. 

In addition to losing a significant amount of weight, I have some other things that I want to work on.  I want to work on having better self confidence and happiness.  I really would love to start dating again and hopefully find a good guy.  I know so many people who don't have any problems with dating and meeting people.  I, however, have a hard time for some reason.  Let's be honest- when you basically just go to work, get the kids, go home and do the motherly things without any additional time for going out, it is hard to meet people.  I don't really go out.  On the weekends I go to church and let's face it, there is noone there.  I just can't seem to find date worthy men.  Of course, I need to work on myself and be happy with myself first. 

I want to read more.  I want to stay off Facebook more.  I want to be more organized.  I want to be more serious about my blogging.  I want to be happier in general.  I want to go out more often and not just stay home all the time.  I need to make more friends in my life.  I need to work on being a more patient mommy.  Man, sometimes that can be tough.  There are so many things I would love to do new this year.

I think I am going to work on a vision board sometime soon and have it all put together.  With this new year I have high hopes for myself.  Here's to you 2012!  A new year and a new start.  Thank you, I really need you.

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