Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Epoch Design AmAzInG Giveaway

Back in December I won an amazing set of furniture that I had to drive down to Arizona to pick up.  Some people thought that I was crazy for driving all the way down there just for furniture.  I will tell you the truth- my son didn't have a bed at the time.  (His toddler bed had broken and he would either sleep on his floor, my floor, climb in bed with me, or I would find him on the couch.)  I decided to get the furniture set and give it to Bug and give her old bed to Jack.  Sounds exhausting huh? 

I will admit that I couldn't believe what great quality the furniture was.  Epoch has great, quality furniture and I couldn't be happier with her bedroom set.  My daughter can be really rough on things and I see that the furniture really holds up well, and is made from quality material.  Epoch is such a great brand of furniture available at Costco.  My daughter was so excited when she found out the set was for her. 

As a single mom who doesn't receive child support and doing it all on my own, I will admit that most times I can't afford things that I would love to buy for my kids.    My kids are always thankful for everything they do receive.  If I had the money, I would totally buy more furniture from Epoch. 

Right now if you head here, Epoch is have such an amazing giveaway!!!!   They are giving away $1,000.00 to spend on Epoch Design online.  I am telling you from personal experience that this is an amazing prize.  They will send it directly to your home.  That is right- no having to drive and pick it up.!!  

I can't tell you enough about Epoch.   I wish I could show you just how great their furniture is.  You really should check out their site.  If I won, I would totally pick a nice bunk bed for Jack.  It would be awesome when we have sleep overs so the guest could sleep on an actual bed and not having to camp out on the floor.

Head over to Epoch and enter now!

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