Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Design and Changes

So I decided to change the design of my page a little bit.  I do hope that you guys like it. 

I have noticed a lot of changes around me lately.  Work is slowly getting better.  I will admit that I have been so super busy to the point of exhaustion.  hahaha  Being busy is a good thing, but then again you have to step back and look around and catch up all the time.  It is great.  Bossman has been in much better spirits, which definitely helps.  I haven't been yelled at in a few months (I better knock on some wood right now).  In all honesty, I am doing the work that more than one person should be doing.  You don't hear me complaining though.  Job security right?  ;) 

My kids are getting so big!  It is crazy how fast they grow.  I love them so much and just wish they would stay little.  Mommys, hold your kids tight.  They only have one childhood.  Of course mine are still young, but man I can't believe how fast they have grown. 

I finally decided to get out and try dating.  Let me tell you, not an easy thing.  I went to a single conference at church and it was crazy!  There was easily 6 women to 1 guy easily, if not MORE!  It was shocking.  I had some friends and cousins who attended and couldn't believe what I saw in front of me.  Amazing women not even being so much as talked to by a guy.  Not one guy talked to me or my cousin.  Wow!  I am not on the "hunt" or anything, so I have plenty of time for this whole dating thing.  But I will admit that I did step out of my comfort zone and attempt it.

My little sister is having her baby next month!!!  Aunty Sassy is way excited.  I just can't wait.  We had her baby shower and it was a blast.  I was in charge of the games.  I will admit that I put my nice, sassy spice to the mix and it went over very well.  The ladies were laughing so much at the candy memory game.  My little sister seemed to enjoy it, and that is all that counts right?  I can't wait to hold that little baby in my arms.  :)  Woo hooooo! 

My little Bug is getting more excited about being baptized in a few months.  Of course there is plenty of time in between then and now, but it is still fun to think about it.  I can't believe how big she is getting.  I miss her being a baby, but I sure adore how much of a little lady she is becoming.  I know she isn't a baby anymore. 

Jack is keeping me on my toes as usual.  A few weeks ago we were getting ready for church and he did NOT want my help.  He told me he was going to do it all on his own.  I was in the bathroom curling my hair and no matter how much pleading I tried in an attempt to help him, he would NOT have it.  He went to his room and decided he was getting ready.  He came out all dressed, I looked at the clock and realized we.were.late!!!

So we rushed out the door, got in the car, got to church (about 5 minutes might I add), and sat down at the nearest area to our "spot" as possible.  On a total side note, if anyone from church tells you they don't have a designated spot they typically like to sit in, they are lying!   Someone was in our spot, but there was room in between that person and the next family.  Most people would go sit in the back but me?  NO WAY!  I asked if they minded us sitting by them and the guy moved down and let us have the end.  What can I say?  A nice, smart guy right?  Jack being the clever boy he is, decided to sit RIGHT by the guy.  Good ol' Jack.  I looked over two minutes later and noticed that Jack didn't have his shoes tied.  I told him to come over and started to tie his shoes. 

Upon looking at the shoes, I noticed his pants didn't look familiar at all.  I was trying to figure out where we had gotten them.  Now you have to know, we receive hand-me-downs from friends and a cousin.  For the life of me, I could not remember these pants.  Upon further investigation and really looking hard, I realized his pants were inside out!!!  Oh the shame.  The guy we were sitting next to completely noticed and had a smirk on his face.  I took Jack to put them on correctly and we hurried and got back into the meeting. 

A good five minutes or so later I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye.  The guy was unbuttoning Jack's shirt!!!  I was in total shock.  In turns out Jack's buttons weren't buttoned correctly and I completely overlooked it as I was so focused on the pants.  Doh!!!    I will admit that I was beyond embarrased and more in shock than anything. 

I decided that no matter what, I will be helping Jack to get ready on Sundays.  Hahahahahah  

What embarrasing things have happened to you or  your kids lately?  I would love to hear them.  Comment away!

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