Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas is so Close, yet so Far Away

Christmas is so close, yet so far away.  Have you started your shopping already?  Any great buys?  I have been doing pretty good at winning items online, which I am saving for my kids for Christmas.  I have also hit up a few yard sales and found some good items.  I think I am doing pretty dang good.  Today I have been brainstorming what other items I would like to get.  Here is my brainstorming list:
  • My daughter likes Taylor Swift's music.  I must admit that there are some really good songs she has.  So I would like to get her CD's for Bug.  Speak Now Album is the one I think she would like the most, though she doesn't have the other two either ( Fearless and Taylor Swift ).  
  • The movie Cheaper By the Dozen with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt is such a great movie!  Even though I have seen it plenty of times, my kids and I laugh every time we see it.  We have requested it from the library and the movies tend to all be pretty scratched lately, so we don't get to enjoy the movie.  :(  So I would love to get this.  It really is a great film to watch as a family.  I must admit there is no way I could handle having 12 kids!  hahaha
  • I also liked Cheaper By the Dozen 2.  Enough said.  
  • My son won't leave my computer alone lately.  He wants to do everything I am doing.  I know that I should be so flattered that he wants to do everything I do, but maybe he she get his own?  So since he loves the movie Cars, I found this laptop and I know he would love it!   A Lightning McQueen laptop for him to learn and enjoy all on his own. 
  • I would love to get my kids a pogo stick each.  Did you ever have one growing up?  My grandparents had some at their house and we would go out there for such a long time competing with each other to see how many bounces we could go in a row without falling or knocking into something.  It would also be great exercise for my kids.  Let's face it- my kids tend to be full of energy!  As a result, they can tend to bounce off the walls at home and not want to go to bed when it is time.  These would help wear them out!  :)
  • My daughter loves the movie Tangled.  She received it for her birthday.  I would like to get her a shirt with Rapunzel on it.  I know she would absolutely love one. 
  • With the Cars2 craze lately, I see my son excited in the store with all the merchandise.  I would love to get him a shirt with the Cars2 characters on it.  I know he would be really happy!
  • My son likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I know he would love this pack of movies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . 
Those are what I have come up with so far.  Of course, that could change by Christmas.  This is just a list from brainstorming. 

So what items are you brainstorming for Christmas?  Or are you not even worrying about Christmas right now?  I know I might be crazy to already be preparing now, but it is much easier for me this way.  How many people do  you shop for for Christmas?

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