Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frugality and Comfort

With Summer here, what temperature do you keep your house at?  I must openly admit that our house is rather, uncomfortably warm.  I just can't bare the sight of the electric bill.  In order to keep us more comfortable, we take cool baths in the evening in an effort to cool ourselves down.  Yes, our water bill might be a tad bit bigger than it normally has been, but it is much less than running the air as much.  I just got my bill for power and it was $60.00.  Last year, it was about $125-$150 or so.  We still kept it pretty warm during the summer last year as well.  This Summer we have been keeping it even warmer.  What does your typical power bill run during the summer?  What do you do to keep yourself comfortable yet frugal?  Would you keep your home warmer in order to save?

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