Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Little Things In Life

We went to a birthday party recently where the Birthday child received lots of presents but didn't seem very happy or satisfied with anything.  The first gift was oh so cool, but they were then urged to open the next.  By the end, it was, "Where is the next gift?"  This was even after being given a brand new, cool bike.  The birthday child is a great kid.  Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say anything ill of them at all.  I love this kid to death.  It just opened my eyes to what I have also done in the past.

If any of you have read The Tightwad Gazette Books, you'll realize this scenary all too well.  Many people think they need to go all out and be extravagant for Birthdays and Christmas.  Sometimes more than other times.  By the end, our kids are sometimes left expecting much more, even after having been so excited and wanting to play with the first item instead of continuing to open the next gift. 

Today I have come to a realization.  I am not by any means saying we don't have a great Christmas.  I am just happy that my kids are excited with the little things in life.  Something as simple as a pillow excites my daughter.  I know lots of kids her age who want HUGE things like video game systems, with all the games, a new tv for their room, huge expensive toys, and everything.  How are we teaching our kids?  I am happy my kids get so excited with little things.  I really am.  It is so fun to see their faces light up with something as little as a book of stickers from the dollar store.  hahaha  I absolutely love it.  It is adorable.  This Christmas I hope we can all scale down a little and teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, or whatever holiday you and your family celebrates. 

Instead of showering your kids with so many gifts, can you get by with giving less?  Your kids wont appreciate it any less.  At least I know mine wont.  How do you react to life?  Are you appreciative of the little things in life?  Just remember that our kids follow by our examples.  If Mommy or Daddy are excited over something simple, I am sure their kids will as well.

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