Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toy Exchanges

A friend of mine was telling me that her daughter wanted material for sewing and such for Christmas.  I just so happened to have a bunch of fabric sitting in a box unused.  I immediately told her she could have it all.  She told me she would exchange _____ toys that her kids don't play with anymore knowing that my kids would put them to good use.  I immediately told her she didn't need to do that and could just have the fabric.  She said she would rather my kids have them.  It brought up a good idea for Christmas.  If you and your friends have kids with lots of toys that they get bored of, what about having a toy exchange for Christmas?  A toy that was previously lightly enjoyed by Bobby will be just as great as a toy from Target.  A kid shouldn't enjoy a gift any less just because it isn't brand new. 

My kids LOVE yard sales and thrift stores.  They don't know any better, because that is how they were raised.  But if I had decided to exchange some toys they didn't play with and get different toys, that would be a great idea.  No, I am not the first one to have thought this up.  Duhhh!  ;)  But if you are tight on money and don't have the means to go all out this year, think of trying a toy exchange. 

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