Monday, April 25, 2011

Down on Myself

Today I am feeling extremely down on myself.  I feel so.... so.... single.  Am I the only single mommy at church?  I go and hear talks about how you're supposed to do this and that and yadda yadda about your husband and a successful and lasting marriage and I just sit there thinking... uhhhhh what about us folks who aren't married???  I am getting a bit tired of it really.  And I am not desperate by any means, but throw me a bone here God.  lol


  1. I have something to cheer you up... you won my set of 4 books over at Mayra's Secret Bookcase!
    I hope your kids will enjoy the books! :-)
    I'll be contacting you via email later today.

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    I just realized you didn't leave an email contact, so please get in touch with me at so we can make arrangements to mail the books to you.

    Congrats again!

  3. Thank you Mayra!!! :) My kids will absolutely LOVE these :)