Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeping Them Happy

The sound of my children laughing in the distance always makes me smile.  " 'Mere Pepper", I hear my son call to one of our dogs.  They are outside enjoying the dogs on the nice, sunny weather.  When my kids asked if they could go out in the back to play with the dogs I said sure.  Never did I imagine how excited they would be.  After their reactions, I realized why they were so excited.  They hardly ever get to play with them.  On top of me going to work and rushing us out the doors in the morning (after my daughter feeds and waters the dogs), we come home in the evenings to make dinner, clean up, shower, and then off to bed.  Of course we get an hour in between, but not very much.

Going outside to play with the dogs is a huge, fulfilling enjoyment to them.  They love them and the opportunity to be outside.  I'll be honest and say that up until recently I was debating whether to give the dogs away.  It was that whole "New Toy Concept".   You know how kids love playing with a new toy and then they just neglect and not play with it.  Well, I was feeling like it was the same with the dogs. 

However, upon further logic, I realized that it is my fault.  On the weekends and other times, I have so much planned for us to do.  I haven't been letting the kids really enjoy the weekends being at home.  We seem to always be running from one place to another.  As you know being a single mommy, I have to do all the errands and everything in between.  I can't just let the kids stay home as they please.  I have to bring them with me, resulting in less time for them enjoying themselves at home. 

Last night I thought we would watch a movie together after dinner.  My son asked if he could go play with the dogs instead.  At first I felt a little rejected to a point, but I said he could.  His sister immediately wanted to go play as well.  But I realized something.  They are MUCH happier playing outside and with each other than being cooped up in the house.  And what better fun can they have than playing with the dogs? 

This is my son wreaking havoc in the back yard when we first moved in (over 2 years ago).

As I sat on the couch hearing their laughter being louder than the tv, it made me smile.  I thought back to before we moved into this house.  We were cooped up in an apartment quite often.  My daughter was bored and would get into trouble.  Being in an upstairs condo, there were sound restraints and my children couldn't be children.  I remember security coming and almost writing us up for the noise due to a neighbor calling on noise control.  I was always getting after my daughter for running or playing too loudly.  The neighbor would get upset over any little noise, even though she also had a child around the same age as my daughter and you would have thought she could understand.  Getting after a child for being a child and being noisey is so sad. 

Hearing my children's laughter interrupt my thoughts to our past place of residency, I smiled.  I am so thankful that I was able to purchase a house and that my kids can be kids.  They can enjoy themselves and the simple things.  They have more room to run and play.  We have more space to be a family and much love.  It is so fun hearing two little kids playing with their dogs. 
My kids' best pals, Pepper and Zoey.


  1. I am so jealous you are able to have puppies! I think quite often we forget about what we have at home and I'm glad you've had time to reconnect with your puppies. Las Vegas shelters are so crowded too and it seems like your giving your dogs a loving home so keep on keepin on!

  2. Thank you Serendipity. It is fun having dogs. It was refreshing to feel so blessed.