Monday, April 18, 2011

Flashback Monday meets Current Day

I guess I just don't understand the times we live in these days.  Is it normal for a parent to be so concerned about their children all the time?  I can't let my kids stay out the front yard without being scared that something might happen.  My sister asked me the other day when I would let my kids stay home by themselves.  She mentioned how when we were that age we stayed home and were just fine. 

I remember staying home by ourselves, cooking, cleaning and being just fine.  The house was never burned down and we are alive to show that we are fine.

When I was young, I remember babysitting when I was like 8 and earning money (though a lot of times I would for the neighbor for free). 

I remember having to work hard, do chores, earn allowance. We were taught early on how to manage our money.

Our parents didn't just buy us whatever.  We had to dilligently work toward it. 

When I was young, it was safe to play by yourself and with other kids in the neighborhood.  It was part of childhood and fun.  I will never forget to this day it being in the middle of summer and I had a friend over.  We decided that we really wanted some candy.  We realized that there was nothing tasty in the cupboards.  Me, being the ever so brilliant one (or the daring one, whichever one you decide to put in there), decided we should go Trick-R-Treating at our neighbors'.  We walked door to door and went Trick-R-Treating.  Did we know everyone?  Heck no!  We walked to about 6 houses. We actually got some candy from people and ate in the glory of having scored it all for free even though we didn't have to wear a costume to get it.    Would my parents probably have killed me had they known I was doing this?  OF COURSE.  But the good thing is they never found out  ;)

I remember walking home from school alone and there was never any worry about being kidnapped or something horrid happening to me.

I remember walking down the hill to the store just to go and have something to do.

When I was young, we did our own laundry.  If it wasn't done, then we had nothing to wear.  We didn't rely on our parents to do our laundry like I do for my kids. 

I remember riding my bike all over the place and venturing out in search of entertainment. 

I remember being outside all day long (other than going to the bathroom quickly)!!!  We drank water from the hose.  We would jump on the trampoline, play kickball in a vacant lot, wet the trampoline in the summer to soothe ourselves from the sun's devilish heat, play tag, Hide-N-Go seek, go walking, playing 4 Square, Tetherball,  walk to the school to go play on the playground while school was out, go swimming at a neighbors, and just enjoy childhood.

So I thought back to all these memories and responded to my sister, "You know my kids.  Times are completely different these days.  They would burn the house down after an hour."

She laughed and asked when I was going to teach them to do things.  It hit me that I really do need to teach them to do more things.  I think my daughter should be able to learn how to do dishes and laundry.  I was able to do it at her age.  I know that she has the capability of doing it.  It is just a method of me taking the time to teach her and sticking with it. 

Bug and Jack Jack in the kitchen.  Uh Oh. 

Last night I told the kids that I was going to jump in the shower really quick and to not touch anything.  I had been baking cookies and turned the oven off and were letting them sit in there.  I went to shower and in about 5 minutes or so, my daughter came in to tell me how the oven was on and she thinks the cookies are ready.  Upon questioning and interrogation, she admitted that she turned it on.  The reasoning: "I DON'T KNOW".  It immediately brought me back to the conversation my sister and I had about a week ago. 

They WOULD burn the house down within an hour!

Oh the joys of being a mom.  Never a dull moment in Sassy's house.  That I can assure you.  I can never guess what is going to happen next.

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