Monday, April 18, 2011

There was SOMETHING Lurking in the Garage

There was something lurking in my garage.  It had been there for quite some time.  I just was too lazy to do anything about it.  That is.... until this past weekend.  I rid the garage of it.  What is it?  It was CLUTTER.

I cleaned out my garage and it felt amazing.  I have a huge load to take to a thrift store.  There is something so freeing when tackling something large like that.  It sure was a great workout too.  I was out there for about 3 hours.  It was so overdue. 

Next is onto the kids' rooms this week.  That should be entertaining  interesting.  There are always arguments with how everything in their rooms they NEED! 

How do you handle clutter and kids?  Do you take it upon yourself to designate what you are ridding from their possession?  Do they pick what to give away?  Do they have a hard time letting go of anything? 

My daughter wants every little piece of paper from school.  She doesn't want to get rid of anything.  My technique with her is that she can keep whatever she wants AS LONG AS she cleans it up and puts it away.  If I go into her room  and everything is all everywhere, I warn her that I will be going through her room.  She absolutely hates me going through it (and she is only 6, go figure  ;) ).  She knows that I will give away a great deal of items if they are not in their place.  I warn her twice and then Mommy goes in with bags ablazing. 

More often than not, she immediately goes in her room and starts trying to put everything away.  If/when I do have to go in and do stuff, I make her stay in there to see what it is we are giving away.  She is the type of person that notices when anything is gone.  I would think she wouldn't notice a certain piece of paper but she does.  I couldn't just go in her room by myself when she is doing something else and start smuggling stuff out in hopes of not getting caught.  I know her too well to know she would freak out. 

My son changes from time to time.  Sometimes he gets attached to certain items.  Other times he could care less.  But I know there are certain items that he would be completely deflated without. 

Have you gotten your Spring cleaning on?  If not, what are your plans for Spring cleaning?  Do you even take part in Spring cleaning?

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