Friday, April 1, 2011

Money Mistakes Part 1

In reading the book The Tightwad Gazette, she mentions money mistakes her and her husband had made in the past. It got me to thinking about my money mistakes I have made.  Well, let's see what I would consider money mistakes that I have learned from:
                Money Mistake #1
  • Apartment Dumb Moment- I was living in an apartment, and my lease was fulfilled.  I could have looked around prior to my lease expiring and found a place, finish my lease and move into a new place.  However, I didn't choose that path.  I just decided to stay put and see what would happen.  I got my rent bill in the bill shocked to see my bill at $1,059.00 (rent was only $875.00 on the lease including water).  That might not sound like much to some people, but it was a huge shock to me.   I started looking around and found a place to move.  I called my apartment management office and informed them I would be moving out and asked how I go about that.  I was informed pretty much that I move and hand in the keys and that is it.  It seemed pretty easy and simple to me.  I moved in a hurry to a condo willing to charge less than I was paying.  I had people help move and get it all squared away.  The last day I moved, the office somehow was closed (middle of the day on a Saturday and they are ALWAYS open on  Saturday.)  I took my keys and put them in an envelope, sealed the envelope and put it in the drop box.  I didn't bother to get my security deposit and cleaning deposits back.  I figured they would just try to dicker me out of the money somehow, and I really didn't have the time for it.   Imagine my shock when I had my credit report checked and found a collection agency with a charge of over $2,500.00!!!  I called and questioned the validity of these charges.  It turns out I was supposed to send a WRITTEN notice to the office 60 DAYS prior to moving out, even if I was on a month to month term.  They also charged for cleaning (even though they had my cleaning deposit), taking a bag of trash out, installing new carpet (even though they install new carpet prior to any tenant moving in), and numerous other things.  I asked to speak with management and was informed the charges were correct, and on top of those charges, I would be charged interest every single day they were in collections.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson the hard way.  I made timely payments and got the entire thing paid off in full.  I was so upset. 
Lesson Learned: ALWAYS check your contract and go in and double check in the office.
Mistake: So about $2,500.00                     
       Money Mistake #2
  • Princess and the Pea- I received a mattress that was past its prime.  I started sleeping on my couch at one point and just couldn't take it any longer.  I decided to go out looking at mattresses.  Granted I didn't really go out and look at different stores like most people would.  I went to one store and just liked the feel of the store.  My sister and I decided to start laying on mattresses and see how things felt.  I ended up falling for a nice set which ended up costing over $1,000.00 (not including the mattress pad and delivery).  Had I been smart and priced out and tested other stores, I would have noticed a huge difference in price.  Yes, I fell for the ever too eager salesperson talking about "how perfect and comfortable this bed here" was.  Later on while shopping for a few items, I realized Sams Club has really nice sets for about half the price and it is the same brand and everything.  DOH!  And no, the company I bought the bed from doesn't offer refunds or exchanges. 
Lesson Learned: ALWAYS price out items at more than three stores. 
Mistakes: So about $500.00.

      Money Mistake #3
  • Sally's- I shopped at Sally's $5.00 clothing store a few years ago and was all excited about a few items that were so cute I thought at the time with such great prices.  I instantly bought them and brought them home.  I washed them and wore them once or twice before they literally fell apart.  I'll never forget having an unraveling string and I pulled it once and BAM one of the shirts was completely torn apart.  Another fell apart in the washer.  I pulled some clothes out of the washer and went to put it in the dryer to notice pieces/fragments of one of the shirts.  Oh how dumb. 
Lesson Learned: Buy quality items.  Don't shop at a store just because of the price.  I would have been better off shopping at a thrift store and buying used clothes that would last.
Mistake: So about $26.75  (5 shirts plus tax)

What Mistakes have you made when it comes to purchases?
To Be Continued................

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