Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pinterest Love

Oh Pinterest you have me drooling through my lunch.  So I have a board on Pinterest of food.  You can see it here.  Man, there are so many amazing looking things to make on there.  It seems to be more "in" to cook at home than going out nowadays. 

So I have never made the Olive Garden Tuscan Soup but this recipe is looking great to make.

Anyone love take out chicken fried rice?  Check this one out.  I will admit that I make a variation to that at home for the kids and I.  They always beg for it.  In fact, we would much rather have homemade chicken friend rice than grabbing some from other places.  (Well, sometimes I will definitely grab it from Teriyaki Co )

I have personally made this amazing crock pot funeral potatoes for a cousin's BBQ and it was a HUGE hit.  Everyone was raving about how good it was. 

I have made this crock pot hamburgers in gravy and my daughter reeeally loved it!  I had some burgers in the freezer that needed to be used up, and that was super easy. 

I want to try this Olive Garden's Stuffed Chicken Marsala sometime soon.  I know I love it at the restaurant, so I am quite sure I will love it homemade (not to mention not having to pay an arm and a leg for it). 

I can't wait to make this Chicken Tika Masala. Ok seriously looking at that is making my mouth drool.  I am a total sucker for Indian food.  Yummm!!

This is my own pin that I made and posted a while ago.  I love going to restaurants for their spicy pazole.  Well, I managed to make this amazing tasting one that was so simple to make and tasted amazing.

I have seen people raving over this pumpkin French toast bake.  I am going to have to make it and test it out. 

I love that Pinterest has such great recipes that everyone pins and sends around.  Best part?  Not wasting money eating out and being able to make the food.  I love it!

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