Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red Rock

This last weekend we spent the good majority of it out at Red Rock. Let me tell you guys! It was so beyond beautiful!!!! We were in total Heaven.

I was unaware until we drove out there that due to President's Day, it was free entrance all weekend. SCORE!

We spent a while out there until my injured foot couldn't do it anymore.




The next day, my sister and her little family decided to join us in going. So her, her husband, their 2 kids, me and my 2 kids had a day of it.

The views were amazing and it was a great experience. This time I actually walked and hiked a bit.

Okay seriously, HORRIBLE IDEA!

Do the math

Woman+ walking boot + cane + hiking= Pure STUPIDITY!

I was sure paying for it afterwards. However, it really was a great experience watching the kids so excited and exploring, so it made it worth the pain.



We had such a great time spending the time with my sister and her family. Her hubby is always working. I swear- talk about a hard worker!  She picked a good one.  

Oh the places you will go!


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