Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Save Money- Bring Lunch to Work

It's lunchtime at the office, and I am enjoying some yummy leftovers from 2 nights ago.

I made this delicious Chicken Alfredo with mushrooms. It is super yummy! Much better than eating out.

Eating out adds up more and more. No, it's not just the cost of fast food or restaurant meals. Don't forget the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, dealing with stupid traffic and so many other things.

Not to mention, I actually know what is in the food I brought. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I just don't trust fast food workers. You never know.

I have noticed recently such substantial price increases at fast food joints, too.

I am working on saving money and being frugal. My year of unemployment sure didn't help on my pocketbook.

Looking to save money and work on your finances? Ditch the take out! Bring food to work for lunch. Bring leftovers!  They are super cheap and yummy.

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  1. Eating out is so expensive! I've been trying to pack hubby's lunch more often to save us money. When he buys lunch he'll spend anywhere from $5-$15 each time. I can spend half of that if I pack him a sandwich or 2 and lots of snacks