Sunday, September 19, 2010

Being Content and Satisfied

I stumbled upon a great website about why you'll be happier with a smaller house and I have to say that I completely agree with this list.  Check out the website:

I live in a 1600 sq ft home.  To some that might sound large, and to others that might sound tiny.  For me though, I am completely content.  Some might say this is a starter home.  Being a single mother and supporting my kids and I on my own, I see this as our home.  I don't see us leaving this house unless I
a) I lose my job and am unable to afford paying the payments, which I have experienced a layoff and the results of unemployment so though that might not sound like a possibility to some, I know the reality all too well.
b) By some miracle I find employment for a great position in another state.
c)  By some extreme miracle, I find a husband and other arrangements for housing are made?

Our home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It also has a yard for the kids to play in and enjoy.  Our dogs have a yard to roam around and enjoy.  I have a walk in closeted bedroom, which I do enjoy.  Our dining room is very large and has many a time provided plenty of space for friends and family to gather around the table to enjoy great food, good games and fun.  I even have my scrapbook nook.  A one car garage that has plenty of room.  I trully love my home. 

Of course there are always things that I would love to change up a little.  The front yard, for instance, is just rock and a dried up patch of grass.  We purchased a forclosure so the yard hadn't been touched since it being vacant.  I haven't even bothered with it as of yet, because I don't know what I want to do there, and I don't want to waste money on it. 

Given the space of my home, I do catch myself wishing I had a larger home for various other things, but upon reading this article, I have realized that deep down, I really am content.  Yes, I do have clutter in our house and garage, but I am slowly working on that.  I need to work on that and get a handle on this.

Being a single mom, it occurred to me that "stuff" amounted to wealth.  If I found a great deal on something at the thrift store, I just couldn't resist it.  I would get such a high on getting more stuff, because I felt richer by owning it.  When I moved into our house, I thought I needed to buy more stuff to fill it after moving from a two bedroom apartment.  I scavaged yard sales and purchased all kinds of toys and things.  Now when I look around, I know I need to go through it more thoroughly.

If I lived in a bigger house, I am sure it wouldn't even phase me in the least.  I am thankful for this sized house.  It trully is a great amount of space for us.  I really am satisfied, content and beyond thankful.  We trully have been blessed.

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