Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

We just got back from our Disneyland trip, and man did we have a lot of fun.  I posted before about those discount tickets on Ebay.  I was extremely skeptical of the tickets being valid and able to use.  I received a call Friday afternoon before we left town with the address and instructions for picking up the tickets.  It was about a mile and a half from Disneyland.  We drove there to the office and there was a line of people waiting to pick up tickets.  We were to meet the guy there at 7:30.  The guy wasn't there and I was getting anxious and ready to leave.  One of the other buyers called the cell phone a little while later and was informed that the guy had had a family emergency at 4 that morning and was on his way.  By the time he got there it was 8:30.  I was a little irritated by having to wait around but it was definitely worth it.  My dad complained endlessly about wasting the hour.  We got to the gate and I was afraid the tickets wouldn't work.  They did though.  I was instantly relaxed after that.  We had such a blast. 

A little about the tickets-  The tickets turned out to be 6 day park hopper tickets.  The business buys the tickets and rents them out for about $50-$55 a ticket.  To ensure that you will return the tickets (since they will have them rented out the next day)  they require to hold your ID until you drop them off.  The drop off is between 7 pm -1:00 in the morning.  They do this so you don't have you cut your enjoyment short.  The guy is just sitting in the office waiting for people to drop off.  You just drop the tickets off in exchange for your ID, and there is no hassel to it.

While we were at Disneyland the business owner called me via cell phone asking me a few questions regarding the ticket pick up.  I guess he had gotten a few calls that morning about his employee not being there.  I told the owner the truth about how late he was and how I wasn't the happiest about it.  As a way to keep future business, he offered to refund half of the cost!!  :)  (I received verifcation from ebay that it was refunded.) 

Would I ever do this again?  OH HECK YEAH!!!  It saved a significant amount of money to go this way.  And even if they hadn't refunded any of the money, it would have been worth an hour of my time.  We still enjoyed many hours of fun there.  The kids had a blast.  I had a blast.  We all had so much fun, and in the future if we decide to go again, I plan on purchasing my tickets this way.  So if you are looking for a way to cut costs on Disneyland tickets, look on ebay.  My seller has a 100% rating of over 4000 people.  If you email him, with an exact number of tickets you are needing with specific dates, he will make arrangements and give you a good deal.  I liked how professional he was about everything and was more than willing to correct things with his employee being late. 

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