Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Have you ever had a friend who lived far away, and you felt that if they lived near you would get so much accomplished together?  That's how I have been feeling lately.  I have an amazing friend that I have had since I was around 13.  I have always looked up to her, and she was like my big sister.   We keep in touch via text and email (and who could forget facebook   ;).  We talk about everything.  We vent to each other through hard times, and the other typically has great words of encouragement that keeps the other going.    I couldn't imagine not having her to talk to.  I trully admire her.

This summer we have been talking a lot about canning and food storage.   If we lived close to eachother, I am sure we would get together often and do all these productive things together.  I am sure she could keep me motivated in doing it all.  She always seems to be doing something  :)  This summer she did a lot of canning of peaches.   I have to admit that I don't know how in the world she did it on her own.  I have been helping my grandma all weekend with canning, and it has been great to have company doing it with me.  I don't know if I would stick with it if I didn't have anyone else there.  I am afraid I would just give up and quit  :(.  No, I am not typically a quitter.  I am just afraid I wouldn't continue the process due to boredom.  Not to say it is completely boring, but it is very time consuming.

Man do I wish this friend was closer to get my butt in gear.  I need to get my butt in gear about certain areas in my life. 

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