Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Secret Addiction...

I have a secret addiction.  I enter sweepstakes.  And I'm not talking about just one or two a day.  I enter a lot of sweepstakes.  One day during April, while of course being unemployed, I stumbled upon a site about entering sweepstakes online.  I instantly thought, " That is crazy.  People don't really win those do they?"  For some reason I figured- Oh what the heck why not.  So since then I have been entering.  I haven't won one dang thing yet.  But I still plug away and enter anyways.  I read people win all the time.  Why can't I have better luck?  Hmmmmmmm     I am secretly addicted to entering them.  hahahaha    Hopefully one of these days I win some fun things. 


  1. I love entering them as well. I enter because I remember winning once. I won a cambells soup mug signed by a bunch of olympic athletes (not really signed - the signatures were painted on an original i'm sure and then copied) but I won something I entered so I know it can happen.

  2. How often and how many do you enter on average? Do you go to a certain site that gives you all the sweepstakes to enter? Or do you just search and find them yourself? That is cool that you actually won. I haven't won anything whatsoever. I enter literally (and don't think I am crazy.... ) 100 a day give or take a few. Some days even more. That sounds crazy I am sure, but I want to win something so badly.