Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I stumbled upon an interesting article online regarding children and allowances
Do you have allowances in your household?  Does it work?  What is the dollar amount designated for each child?  Do you do it by age?  When I was young, we had a $5 allowance per payday (every two weeks).  So $10 a month.  I remember kids my age getting $30 a month and I thought they were rich.  hahahaa   I know that sounds silly, but I really thought they were so rich and I must not be.  Every household had different amounts, while other households had no allowance at all.  I am thinking of starting an allowance with my kids.  Even though my is extremely tight, hopefully I can stretch it even further to include allowances for each child.

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  1. We never had an allowance. My mom was always very good at keeping us very well clothed and anytime we would ask for an allowance, she would tell us that she wouldn't buy our clothes anymore, lol. We DID do "special chores" for money. Like cleaning out the cupboards, scooping dog poo, washing the windows, etc. That way we could still have spending money, and learn the ethics of work as well. With each family its different, so whatever you think will be best, then do it :)