Monday, November 29, 2010


This weekend I taught my children about being appreciative and giving to those in need.  We went in the garage and started going through things more thoroughly.  I came up with a pile of things that they just don't play with.  We had a long talk about donating items to those in need.  I explained how some kids don't have any toys or fun things to play with because their parents don't have the means to pay for those items.  I also explained that Santa couldn't bring more things for them without giving some things away.  We had a long talk and I told the kids to each go get X amount of items from their room to give to thoes in need.  It was tough for my daughter, not wanting to get rid of anything.  It took some time, but somehow that amount of items turned up in a pile.  We then took the car load to Goodwill and donated them.  I explained to the worker what we were doing and he told the kids how happy other kids would be to get these.  The kids sure brightened up about it.  They were HAPPY to be giving these beloved toys and clothes away.  When we pulled away, my daugther started asking who I thought would get some of the items.  She got all excited thinking about another little girl playing with "her" toy. 

I thought it was so adorable and loving that my kids could freely give these things away.  I also gave away some clothes and such.  I felt so accomplished to have done all this.  Last night when looking around, I noticed some other items that need to go.  It felt so freeing. 

So tonight I will be at it again.  I love getting organized and donating items to others or thrift stores.  What better time to do it than before Christmas?  I have a ways to go, but I am getting there. 

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