Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Do You Get Something Back That Was Never Yours To Begin With?

Ok I have been sitting here thinking more about Christmas and what to get some dear people who have everything they need.  When your grandparents have 20 grandkids and they have a large family, they do tend to get a bunch of stuff at Christmas.  I love my grandparents to death and don't want to buy some mindless gift.  I was thinking long and hard today when it hit me!!  I figured out what I want to get them.  But it isn't something you can just buy.

You see, when my grandparents were married, my grandma was 16 years old and my grandpa was in the military.  One day when I was younger I asked to see their wedding photos just to see how they looked when they were young.  My grandma informed me that they didn't have any.  Now you would have to know my grandpa to know that he likes to take lots of pictures.  My grandma continued to tell me that when they got married, a good friend of my grandpa's took their pictures with his camera.  He told them that he would get them printed and get them to my grandparents.  To this day, he hasn't done so.  The friend married a lady who simply didn't like my grandpa because he took attention away from her (from my grandma's mouth not mine  ;)  ).  My grandpa's friend passed away years ago and my grandma asked the wife if they could get those pictures from her, and the wife just didn't want to talk to my grandma about it. 

Don't ask me why I thought about this today, but I really want to get these pictures for my grandparents.  I don't even know if the wife is alive now.  I will have to talk to my grandma today about this, but I do believe that this will be the best gift ever... if I can manage to get them from this lady.  If you were in my situation, what would you do?  I need to figure a way to get these and do something incredible for Christmas.  These are priceless items that would mean a great deal to our entire family.  So the big question:  HOW DO YOU GET SOMETHING BACK THAT WAS NEVER YOURS TO BEGIN WITH????  Help!?!

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