Monday, November 29, 2010

Frugality and Contentment

The past few months I have noticed a big issue with my dishwasher.  The problem: it doesn't seem to clean anything.  I have rinsed, scrubbed, and all that fun stuff.  It just doesn't work.  Yes, I have tried to clean it with vinegar, baking powder and the like.  It just doesn't want to work for me.  Last night I got in this crazy cleaning mood and decided to finally tackle the dishes.  I scrubbed and got really into it.  I could have shelled out the money to get it fixed/services, but something magical happened when I was doing dishes.  I was actually happy.  It brought back so many memories of when I was young and helping my grandma do dishes. 

My grandparents have never had a dishwasher.  Dishes have always been hand washed and dried.  I always thought that was really odd growing up.  I thought how weird and old they must be.  I HATED doing dishes, but when Grandma was in the kitchen helping, it sure made it more enjoyable.  We would talk and catch up on life.  Dishes came out much cleaner than if you threw it in a dishwasher. 

They were cleaned with hard working hands.  Grandma made sure to teach you not to use too much soap, dry them to avoid water spots, scrubbing the correct way, and how to put it all away in order.  Larger plates always on bottom.  By the end of doing dishes, always get a clean cup out and drink some water.  It always happened!  It wasn't even intentional.  :) 

Last night I thought long and hard after seeing all my trully clean dishes in the correct spots in the cupboards.  I realized that hand washing dishes can be just fine for me for a bit.  My dishes are MUCH cleaner being cleaned by hand.  I will choose the frugal road here on this one. 


  1. I hear that! We have a hot water leak so we have to keep the valve off the water heater, so we don't waste too much water or energy, until we get it fixed (its been a few weeks, lol, but we turn it on when we really need it) but we are hand washing dishes. John and I work as a team with one washing and one drying and putting away and its so great for bonding :). And you can use your dishwasher as a drying rack! We did that for years before we bought ours! Keeps them off your counter and puts the dishwasher to use.

  2. Yeah Michelle, I used mine as a drying rack too. It was kind of funny. My kids were looking at me like I had completely lost it. ;) They didn't know what to think. I give you props on doing them together. That is cute.