Monday, November 29, 2010

To Turn It On Or Keep It Off.... THAT Is The Question

Okay so I must be a desert rat.  I am used to the heat.  What can I say?  When you live in the desert in the heat, cold just isn't part of life.  Well, with the weather surely cooling down lately, it is really cold here  (at least to me).  We haven't turned the heater on yet.  We have been bundling under the piles of blankets.  I have been sleeping with 4 of them to myself.  ;)  I could easily turn the heat on, but I just don't want to deal with a high gas bill. 

I was at the store black friday in the freezing cold, and I realized how blessed we are to have a safe roof over our heads to protect us from the extreme cold.  I have seen homeless individuals at the side of the freeways and I am just in awe that they are out there in the cold.  I am so greatful that we have been provided with the opportunity to have a home.  Yes, our home might be cold, but it is much warmer than being out on the streets without a bed or blankets to warm us.  So I have been keeping it cold and not turning the heat on to save and make do with what we have right now.  

I am sure I will end up turning it on during the month of December!  Have you tried getting out of bed when it is cold and still dark outside during winter?  Now imagine it without having the heater even running. 

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