Monday, November 29, 2010

I thought more about my kids and Christmas.  I thought long and hard about the gifts that I intend to give to my children for Christmas.  I am extremely happy about most of the decisions, but I did decide to hold off on giving one of the gifts to my son.  The legos will have to be held for him til next year.  The problem I am running into is, he is starting to put the little Barbie items in his mouth lately.  My daughter absolutely freaks out over it, and they end up fighting.  I got to thinking more about the legos and thought of him putting those in his mouth, and I just decided that maybe he is too young for it.  And I caught him with other little things in his mouth this weekend.  He thinks it is humorous and funny when I catch him.  It is soooo not fun.  I don't know if this is just a phase he is going through or what, but I don't want to chance him putting all those in his mouth. 

My boss was really sweet and gave everyone $100 for our Thanksgiving meals right before Thanksgiving.  Since we spend Thanksgiving at my grandma's and I already had purchased what I was planning to bring, I decided to use some of it toward Christmas.  I ended up waiting in line at Toys R Us on Black Friday.  Thank goodness my sister and her boyfriend were in line there and I met up with them.  If not, I wouldn't have stayed.  The line was insane!  All the way out to the freeway.  I scored a Transformer mask for only $10 and a shooter for $10 as well.  I think this is more age appropriate for him right now than the legos.  Yes, it is more expensive than I was planning to spend, but I do believe it will be well loved.  He loves Transformers and especially loves Bumblebee!! 

I was very choosey about what I purchased.  These are quality items and not cheapo junk.  The original price was $50 just for the mask.  I'm happy to have scored these.  I hope he appreciates these as much as I appreciate having scored such awesome buys. 

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