Sunday, August 1, 2010


Entertainment is an area that can make or break your budget.  Many people just blow their money and look to their next paycheck to fun their entertainment.  I have found many ways to stretch your entertainment dollars.  If any of you have any other ways to stretch your entertainment dollars, feel free to comment.  :)

1)  Remember that the library is your friend.  You can rent books, magazines and DVDs.  Everything is free!  Well, not free- you pay for your taxes, so in turn you are paying it.  But the way to keep it free is to not be late on returning the items.  Late fees are dumb to have to pay.  So keep on top of your due date for items.  You can request DVDs online. 

2)  Redbox.  For a dollar a night, you can rent a new release DVD.  Awesome price if you ask me.  Just make sure you remember that you have the movies at your house and return it when needed.

3)  The radio shopping show.  Many of you don't know of this fun secret.  It tickles me to tell you about this.  There is a radio shopping show here in Las Vegas.  You pay only a small portion of the value of the certificate you buy.  I am sure this might come off as a little confusing, but let me try to explain.  You call the radio shopping show and buy a certificate.  You can put it on your credit card to be mailed out, or you can opt to pick up.  I personally pick up.  For example I bought a certificate for Bounce U.  The value of the certificate was for $14 and I only paid $5.  My kids spent an hour and a half there, and they absolutely loved it.  For only $5 I was able to entertain my kids and get a work out in by playing with them.  I have bought certificates for restaurants, shows, manicures and pedicures, and places like Bounce U.  It sure stretches your dollars. 

Overall, I have had great experiences with the places I have bought certificates for.  If you like a place you go to, just make sure you return without buying a certificate.  That is the way it pays them to join the radio show. 

I have only had a bad experience twice with the vendors.  I went to an Indian place that we actually didn't like the food at, and apparently the server and people on staff didn't know about the show, and they were pretty rude with my friend and I.  He and I just chalked it up to bad experiences.  Obviously I have never returned there, because the food was really gross.  (For any of you who know me well enough, I absolutely LOVE Indian food.  It is my favorite food, and I can never get enough of it.)  The other bad experience I had was with a really nice Mexican place.  I will admit that the food was awesome!  The atmosphere was incredible as they had a little area to dance, and they had the music playing.  It was seriously a lot of fun.  My daughter was out there dancing, and a server came and danced with her.  Soooo fun.  Honestly, it would be a lot of fun to go there on a date, I would think.  I ordered my kids and myself our meals, and went to pay with our certificate. They informed me that they discontinued their service with the show.  Meaning we had to pay full price.  The price wasn't bad anyways, but still sad that we didn't get to use the certificate.  So my only advice is to make sure you ask BEFORE ordering food. 

Would I ever return and pay full price at that Mexican restaurant?  I personally would if I was planning on going out to eat at a restaurant.  I really think it would be a fun place to eat at for a date if you like to dance.  Even if you don't like to dance, it would be fun to watch.  And it really was a great atmosphere.  If any of you want to try this place out, just let me know and I will give the name out for you to try.  Mmmmmmmmm thinking of their food makes my mouth water now, and I haven't been there in over a year. 

4)  Friends and family night in.  My friends and I get together and play cards.  We each make something to share to eat.  It is fun.  The only expense we have is the food we all share in.  This can be super cheap and a lot of fun.  We just let the kids play together in the other room with a movie playing.  I love our card nights.  My friends love getting together for cards.  In fact, if any of my friends are up for joining us, just let me know.  Just bring your A Game.  :)

5)  Potlucks.  Who doesn't like a fun potluck?  Everyone brings something to share to eat.  What better way to enjoy great food and friends?  Talk, hang out, eat.  Yummy and fun.

6)  Swimming.  In this Vegas heat, swimming is always a blast.  We have a friend who has a pool and they gladly have us over.  We love it.  If we didn't have this friend who shared her pool willingly, we could pay a local recreation center a couple dollars a person if we really wanted to. 

7)  Movie nights in.  Rent a movie and have some friends over.  If someone wants to bring a snack then awesome. 

8)  Going to the movies.  In our area, if you are a stay at home mommy, they have certain days you can go to the movies for free.  Just type in a google search for it. 

If you really want to see a new movie, check out a matinee.  And be smart, and bring snacks in your purse ;)   We stop at the dollar store and it works out great for us.  Fun!

9)  Local parks.  If I let them, my kids would stay at the park all day.  Free entertainment is always awesome.  Play with the kids and get some extra exercise is.  It can count as your work out for the day.


  1. There is a really great site called that has a deal a day in your area. We've ound really great deals ont he same kinds of things ou were talking about the radio show (which I've never heard of that, tell me more! ).

    Also there is a great cheap theater which we've always had great luck with - Tropicna Cinemas is now owned by Regency. It's $1.50 anytime, $1 on tuesday nights! They have pretty popular recent movies and the food is actually cheap!! Great atmosphere, which I was surprised because with previous owners there has been lots of riffraff - don't know why not now but i sure appreciate it!!

  2. Check out AM1400 for the radio show or you can go to (Kash Shopping Happy People) They have awesome deals. And I have never heard of Groupon so I will have to check it out.