Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toys at Discount Stores

From my experience, you can find some incredible deals at Ross, TJ Max, Big Lots, etc for toys.  You might have to dig a little, but you can definitely find some treasures.  Last night I went to TJ Max after taking my sister to dinner for her birthday, and found a Barbie 3 Musketeer Kelly doll with a horse for only $7.  My daughter loves Barbie, horses and pink  :)  Seemed like a pretty good fit.  And she has a lot of adult Barbies, but not many kids, so this seemed like a pretty good fit. 

Here is a link of the item on amazon:

Pretty good deal huh?  Like I mentioned, you might have to dig around a bit because, let's face it, these stores tend to overstock items on the shelves.  But I was very happy for my find.  Again, this will be saved for Christmas. 

In the past, I have found plenty of great, quality toys at Ross for really cheap.  When my daughter first got into Barbie, I found a Barbie elephant and 2 Kelly dolls and paid $12.  Toys R Us carried it for $30 at the time.  Walmart didn't even carry it.  Here is a link to the item I am referring to:  Man am I a good bargain hunter or what?  ;) 

I don't know how it all works, but Ross gets a pretty consistent stock of toys coming in.  I am always seeing them putting more items out each week.  I remember seeing a Barbie car at Walmart for $12, and I was at Ross and lo and behold I saw the same exact one for only $7.  Pretty good savings if you ask me.  Even though Christmas is months away, it never hurts to slowly shop ahead of time.   


  1. You so should have bought a 2nd one of those 3 Mustekeer sets & sold it on eBay! They are going for $12.95 & 19.99 on there!
    I just sold a SUPER WHY guy I bought on clearance on eBay.

  2. They didn't have 2 there. I only found the 1 on clearance, but I did find another one in purple today at another TJ Max that is in purple. Tarynn loves both colors. Debating still... ;)